Business Administration

This major mainly trains students with enterprise management innovation and practice, modern management theories and skills to solve complex problems, and a broad international vision to meet the needs of modern enterprise management. Graduates are capable of management, planning, consulting, teaching, training, and scientific research in enterprises, institutions and government departments.



This major cultivates students into senior accounting professionals with basic theories of management, economics and accounting, basic knowledge of management, economics and law, and systematic theories and skills of finance and accounting. Graduates are capable of language expression, interpersonal communication, information acquisition. Graduates understand national policies and regulations, international practices, and theoretical developments in accounting, thus capable of research and work.



International Economics and Trade

This major aims to cultivate high-quality professionals in international trade with a systematic understanding of theories and knowledge of international trade business, knowledge and skills of international trade, and other international operations and management activities and related policies research. Graduates are proficient in information and communication technology; humanities and social sciences; communication, coordination and innovation. Graduate are capable of international trade management and research in foreign trade enterprises, enterprises related to foreign trade production and management, and government agencies.


Tourism Management

With the tasks of constructing National Characteristic Specialty, Hebei Undergraduate Education Innovation Base, Hebei Brand Specialty, YSU Teaching Reform Experimental Specialty, this major has built YSU Modern Tourism Industry and Academic Research Institute and YSU Yaduo Life Talent Research Institute and other academic research cooperation platforms, aiming to train students with the development of the modern tourism industry, national tourism industry policies and regulations, and systematic professional knowledge of tourism management. With international vision, innovative consciousness, entrepreneurial spirit, practice ability and social responsibility, Graduates may find potential careers in business, management, planning, consulting, service work in tourism-related enterprises, and education and research institutions, or start their own business.



Industrial Engineering

This major trains students with a solid technological basis of natural science, social science and professional engineering; and a good command of the knowledge and method of economics and management. Graduates are capable of industrial engineering teaching, scientific research, and management.


Electronic Commerce

This major trains students with basic theories of management, economics, computer science, modern information technology, international trade, law and modern logistics; theories and methods of economic management; and marketing theories and practice. Graduates, combining technology and management skills, are able to apply computer information technology and modern management methods to do business and engage in the modern electronic business operation and management, enterprise network and information management with high competitive consciousness, innovation ability and e-commerce capabilities.



Based on the professional education concept of "solid foundation, wide caliber, professional skills, and strong adaptability", this major cultivates students solid theoretical foundation, broad knowledge, work adaptability. Proficient in modern economic analysis and computer operation ability and combining practice and theories, graduate may have potential careers in research or management in colleges and universities, scientific research institution, government departments, enterprises and institutions.





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