School of Materials Science and Engineering

History:Established in 1958,the School of Materials Science and Engineering grew out of Heavy Machinery and Heat treatment of Harbin Institute of Technology and went through changes in its name and curriculum. In 1984 it was developed into the Department of Materials Engineering.It was renamed the School of Materials Engineering in 1996, and School of Materials Science and Engineering in 2000.

Projects and Awards:In the past five years, the school received over 6 million fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).Over 190 projects have been approved and established, including the National “973”and “863”Fundamental Research Projects, Innovation Research Team of NSFC, and other provincial-ministerial projects.      

In the past fiveyears, the school received 1 second prize of State Natural Science Award, 1 second prize of State Technological Invention Award, 4 second prizes of State Scienceand Technology Advancement Award and 14 provincial awards.

Collaboration and Outreach:Over the last decade, the school has launched collaborations with internationally recognized institutesin the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Canada,Denmark, Italy and other countries. Half of the faculty have the experience of studying or working abroad. The school currently has Ph.D. students and exchange scholars from Hiroshima University, Danish National Laboratory, Danish AalborgUniversity and Italian University of Pisa.      

The school currently offer san array of national and local out reach programs for students, including training and professional development, community service and volunteerism, workshops and other events.


Degree Programs:6 majors are offered to undergraduate students including the Metal Materials and Heat Treatments, Welding Technology, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Physics, and Polymer Science and Engineering; and 3 graduate programsfor master and doctoral degrees in Materials Science, Materials Physics and Chemistry, and Materials Engineering.Materials Science is a state key discipline whileMaterials Physics and Chemistry is a provincial key discipline.

The school currently enrolls 1201 students including 753 undergraduates,310 graduate students, and 138 Ph.D.candidates. Since 2007, over 50% undergraduates in the school were enrolled into graduate programs.


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