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Message from the president
Jan 6, 2015 03:43 PM

Dear Students,


Welcome to Yanshan University.


Located north to the Yanshan Mountain and south to the Bohai Sea, our campus is truly an exciting place drawing global talents to realize their dreams. Our old generations answered the call of their time with the spirit of “hard working, rigorous scholarship and creative innovation”; they braved the wind and the rain and endured great hardships in pioneer work. They migrated from Harbin Institute of Technology to the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute and then to Yanshan University. Two times of start from scratch, 90 years course of hardship; they formed and made a perfect illustration for the university motto of “Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Honest in Seeking”. With the accumulation of long history experience, our institution has always been at the forefront to climb the science peak with the guidance of “unity, progress, by the people and for the people”. We are on the road to building YSU into a high quality multi-disciplinary institution to contribute to national heavy machinery industry and local economic development. Deeply rooted in Hebei Province, the future development of YSU is geared to the whole country as well as the whole world.


With the ideology of “people oriented and the integration of research and its application”, YSU is committed to improving its administration and education and providing a high-quality learning experience for a new generation who will be capable of shaping China’s future by answering the calling of our nation. YSU students have done very well in various national contests, in classrooms and social activities. The University’s primary academic commitment ensures that students experience intellectual and individual support for their growth and creativity.


Going with the wind, the bird of Dapeng can rise directly to a high position of ninety thousand miles. Please join us for your great ambition. With the time-honored history and broad horizon, Yanshan University will surely empower your dream to a promising future.

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