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Yanshan Universitiy Education Foundation
Jan 6, 2015 04:42 PM

Yanshan University Education Foundation (YSUEF) was officially registered in December 20, 2013 with the approval of the Department of Hebei Provincial Civil Affairs. It is the first foundation named after the university in Hebei. YSUEF is an independent legal representative organization. It is also a non-public foundation which receives donations from the public home and abroad for the purpose of improving educational quality and level of Yanshan University. Our mission is to strive for the excellence of Yanshan University as well as to promote the development of Chinese educational cause by strengthening external communication and encouraging donations from organizations and individuals. The donations will be used to offer financial support for the university by providing scholarship, awards, research, campus infrastructures and financial aid at YSU.


The fund of YSUEF will mainly used to:

1.     Award excellent staff and faculty as well as the students;

2.     Provide financial aid to poor students and the staff and faculty who suffering financial difficulties;

3.     Support talents introduction including inviting world-known scholars to have lectures on campus;

4.     Support the teaching, scientific research and environmental facilities of the university;

5.     Improve the cultural atmosphere of the campus, beautify the natural environment of the campus

6.     Support the programs related to the the development of educational undertakings of the university and the society.


We would like to take this opportunity to encourage any forms of donation through various channels by the general public and the alumni. Your contribution will help the great educational undertaking of Yanshan University with its commitment of striving to be a national first-class university.

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