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As the project leader, YSU Prof. Dinxuan Zhao declared 200 million RMB for a national key project successfully


【News from News Center】National key project "Key Technology Research and Application Demonstration of Emergency Rescue Vehicles with High-mobility and Multi-function" led by YSU Prof. Dingxuan Zhao has been approved by Ministry of Science and Technology with a total fund of 200 million yuan. This project's approval not only highlights our ability to serve China's major scientific and technological needs, but also reflectsthatYSUfacultyarehighly competent to undertake high-level scientific research projects.

In February 2016, Ministry of Science and Technology issued the national key research and development program “prevention and control of public security risk and emergency technology equipment" guidelines of 2016. Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise in Chinese construction machinery industry, cooperating with 12 national universities, enterprises and scientific research institutes, applied for the "Key Technology Research and Application Demonstration of Emergency Rescue Vehicles with High-mobility and Multi-function" project (which requires the enterprise to take the lead). With the prominent academic status in this field, YSU Prof. Dingxuan Zhao was elected the project leader. After the fierce competition with other domestic teams led by five large enterprises (including two Fortune 500 companies), Prof. Zhao outshined and was recognized by the Evaluation Panel of Ministry of Science and Technology, established the "Key Technology Research and Application Demonstration of Emergency Rescue Vehicles with High-mobility and Multi-function" project successfully.

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Project-establishment Reply

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National Key R & D Projects are mainly aimed at key scientific and technological issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Prof. Zhao’s project, in order to meet the major technology and equipment needs of national emergency rescue vehicles, focuses on the high-mobility, multi-functional modular, fire and rescue efficiency, the standard system construction and other issues of emergency rescue vehicles and equipment; and studies the driving device and suspension technology of emergency rescue vehicles in small areas and complex terrain, structure of wheel interchange / road and rail dual-use / ultra-low-altitude vehicles, modular of multi-functional emergency rescue equipment, multi-agent combination / high-raised fire extinguishing of moving fire trucks and other key technologies.

Through the implementation of the project,it is planned to establisha set of design theories and a standard system for high-mobility, multi-functionalemergency rescue vehicles, to develop a number of emergencyrescuevehicles and equipment in urgent need,andto enhance the technical level and security capabilitiesofemergencyrescuevehicles in China.

The project consists of 10 researchtopics to be jointly undertaken by YSU, Jilin University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Tongji University, China University of Mining and Technology,PLAUniversity ofScience andTechnology, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.,ChinesePeople's Armed Police ForcesEquipment Research Institute. Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., China Machinery Productivity Promotion Center, Mechanical Science Research Institute, Ministry of Public Security Fire Research Institute will participate.

The total fund for thisproject is 201.2066 million yuan,including39 million yuan from the central government fundsand162.2066 million yuan from Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.Matching funds.The project construction period is 4.5years.

In order to solve duplication, decentralization and other problems which existed with the original science and technology plan of China, improve the efficiency of financial resources, the State Council deployed the national science and technology program management reform in 2014 and plans to complete the main tasks of the reform by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, the original over 100 science and technology plans will be integrated into five categories: the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science and Technology Major Project, the State Key R & D Program, the Technology Innovation Guide (Fund), the Base and the Talent Specialization.

Among them, the State Key R & D Program is the most important and also the first to start. It has integrated the original 973 Program, 863 Program, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Exchanges Project, the Industrial and Technological Research and Development Funds managed by the Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as the public welfare industry research projects.

The plan is mainly aimed at major social welfare research in the areas of agriculture, energy resources, ecological environment and healthcare which need long-term development, as well as strategic, basic and forward-lookingmajorscientific issues, technologies and products, international cooperation related to the core competitiveness of the industry, overall independent innovation capability and national security.

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