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YSU gained Key Support from Hebei Province “Double First-rate” Construction


【News from News Center】Recently,the“Opinions of the People's Government of Hebei Province on Promoting the Construction of First - rate Universities and First-rate Disciplines”has beenpromulgated and implemented.Provincial Department of Education has developed a "First-rate University and First-rate Discipline Construction Fund All ocation Plan",in which Hebei Province will provide support for a number of first-rate universities and disciplines. YSU belongs to the first level of the national first-rate universities constructed with key support by Hebei Province with 3 disciplines---mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, control science and engineering approved a sworld-class discipline construction projectsand 4 disciplines---chemical engineering and technology, computer science and technology, management science and engineering, electrical engineering approved as national first-class discipline construction projects.In 2016, it is planned to allocate funds 80 million yuan to YSU,and the investment will continue during the“13thFive-year”.

Opinions of the People 's Government of Hebei Province on Promoting the Construction of First-rate Universities and First-rate Disciplines

Abiding by the relevant documents of "Double First-rate" construction, YSU has developed "YSU First-rate University and First-rate Discipline Construction Program (Trial)." YSU has established "three-step" construction goalandclearly pointed out the key tasks and major measures of "Double First-rate" construction:

develop mid and long-term discipline development plans to ensure orderly development of disciplines;

introduce high-level top talents and young talents, building a first-rate faculty;

build a high-level scientific research platform, create a team atmosphere, and enhance the level of scientific research;

deepen the Reform of Undergraduates and Graduates Cultivating Patterns and improve the quality of personnel training;

promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and serve the economic and social development;

strengthen international exchange and enhance the international status of YSU.

In the near future,YSU will take the "Double First-rate" construction program as the guide, innovate management system and evaluation mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm,initiativeand creativityofschoolsand disciplines.A number of preponderant and disciplines with YSU characteristicswill be built as world-class disciplines or national first-rate disciplines.Integrating teaching, research and production,YSU will become a first-rate university with distinctive characteristics with machinery, materials and other world-class disciplines

It is reported that a total of four universitiesbelong to the first level of national first-rate universities constructed with keysupportby Hebei Province. The other three universities are Hebei University, Hebei University of Technology and Hebei Normal University. In addition, 8 universities belong to the second level of national first-rate universities, including Hebei Agricultural University, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang Railway University.InHebei Province,a total of 17 disciplinesareapproved a sworld-class discipline construction projects and 37 disciplines national first-rate discipline construction projects.

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