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YSU held a conference to promote its internationalization


[News from News Center] To conscientiously implement YSU "13thFive-year" development plan and "Double First-class" construction plan, and to promote the internationalization of YSU, a conference, hosted by YSU Vice President Wanyu Sheng, was held in the activity center on east campus on Dec. 15th. YSU leaders and party committee leaders, chief staff members, representatives of associate professors and professors, the faculty and students from School of International Education attended the conference.

The Conference (Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Vice President Wanyu Sheng is hosting the conference.

(Photographer: Yunfei Wang)


Vice President Xiangdong Kong is reading a document.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Vice President Fucheng Zhang is giving a report on the internationalization of YSU.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


At the conference, Vice President Xiangdong Kong read the notice on the establishment of YSU leaders group of internationalization construction. Vice President Fucheng Zhang, gave a report entitled“Accelerate the internationalization of YSU”about the internationalization of higher education in the new era. He also encouraged that everyone strive to build YSU into an internationally high-level university.

Kunpeng Jing, Assistant Dean of School of Economics and Management is making a speech.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Limin Wang, Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering is making a speech.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Jing Yao, a teacher from College of Mechanical Engineering is making a speech.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)



Kunpeng Jing, Assistant Dean of School of Economics and Management; Limin Wang, Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering; Jing Yao, a teacher from College of Mechanical Engineering; and Dong An, an overseas student from College of International Education, gave speeches from different perspectives: Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs, scientific research and internationalization of the faculty, teachers’ opportunities to study abroad, and overseas students’ impression of YSU. Their speeches were well received.

Hongmin Liu, YSU President is addressing the conference.

(Photographer: Yunfei Wang)


President Hongmin Liu made a speech entitled “Enhance the Level of International Education, Contribute to Double First-class Plan”. He elaborated on the importance of the internationalization of YSU and required that the faculty and staff adhere to the concept of the internationalization of education, strengthen the international leadership, and fully promote the construction of the internationalization of YSU.

Weidong Meng, YSU Party Secretary is giving a speech.

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


YSU Party Secretary Weidong Meng pointed out in his speech that at the background of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, the internationalization of YSU should focus on personnel training and good planning, build a strategic goal to locate new ideas for development. He hoped that all departments and offices strive to promote the internationalization of YSU to a new level.

With “the Belt and Road Initiatives” of the government and "Double First-class" construction of YSU, internationalization has become the strategic choice. It is a key point for YSU to promote its internationalization in the current and future period. The conference is an important benchmark for YSU and indicates the full internationalization of YSU. (Editor: Qiaoyi Cai)

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