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YSU held 2017 New Year's concert


[News from News Center] At 7 p.m. on Dec. 30th, YSU held 2017 New Year’s concert at the activity center on east campus. The school leaders, retired leaders and teachers and nearly a thousand teachers and students enjoyed this concert.

The concert (Photographer: Yongtai Zhu)


Before the concert, YSU President Hongmin Liu, on behalf of YSU, sent New Year’s greetings and best wishes to YSU faculty and students, retired faculty and staff, alumni both at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life who have been long supporting YSU construction and development. In the New Year's greetings, President Liu recalled the excellent achievements of YSU in 2016, emphasizing that we should not forget our original goals, and that we work hard to speed up YSU construction toward “Double First-class” with enthusiasm.

President Hongmin Liu is addressing the concert.

(Photographer: Changshan Cai)


Qinhuangdao Symphony Orchestra was invited to costar with students and teachers from School of Arts and Design. Together they brought a spiritual enjoyment to the audience with elegant music. The orchestral “Carmen Overture” opened the prelude of the concert and brought intense auditory shock through its vibrant melody, which foiled the festive atmosphere of the New Year. The prelude of “Light Cavalry March”, the brisk pleasant music formed a climax of joy through the twists and turns.

Qiujian Xu, a teacher from School of Arts and Design, sang baritone solo “Beidaihe—to the Tune of Lang Tao Sha” which made the audience feel the unprecedented grand and boundless mind of Chairman Mao. Zhuojiong Dai, another teacher, sang the classic song “My Sun” in his poignant voice. Teachers’ Chorus “The Voice of Yan” sang “On Wings of Song” and “The Fluttering Petals” with a slow, gentle and sweet melody engaging everyone at the concert.

Xia Liu adapted the piano and eleetone concerto “Enter the New Era” with three double row keys instead of the symphony orchestra, which almost brought down the house. Qinhuangdao Symphony Orchestra played “Farandole”, “Huashi Qu” and “Beijing News to the Frontier Fortress” which used the south of France, China's Tibetan, miao and yi traditional folk music forms respectively to show the diversity of China’s folk music culture. The famous piece “Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead” played on Erhu with the cheerful melody showed the brave cavalry soldiers’ fighting spirit. Di Wu and Yanpeng Ning sang "Chinese Dream", which expressed the strong belief of Chinese people in a united and powerful country.

Xin Zhao’s female solo “Azalea” expressed her yearning for a better future. School of Artsand Design Chorus sang “Under the Bright Sun Shine” and “Towards a Promising Future” praised the great achievements led by the Communist Party and transmitted the earnest desire on the great rejuvenation and richness as well as the strong determination on the bright future. In the end, the New Year’s concert ended with the classic orchestra “Radetzky March” in a cheerful melody.

Qinhuangdao Symphony Orchestra played “Light Cavalry March”, “Carmen Overture”, “Farandole”, “Huashi Qu”, and “Beijing News to the Frontier Fortress” . (Photographer: Yongtai Zhu)


Baritone Solo “Beidaihe—to the Tune of Lang Tao Sha”

(Photographer: Xinran Zhang)


Baritone Solo "My Sun"

(Photographer: Yongtai Zhu)


“On Wings of Song” and “The Fluttering Petals”

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Piano and Eleetone “Enter the New Era”

(Photographer: Yongtai Zhui)


Erhu and the Band “Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead”

(Photographer: Yiran Zhang)


Male and Female Duet "Chinese Dream"

(Photographer: Wenjuan Zhang)


Female Solo “Azalea”

(Photographer: Tingting Gao)


Chorus “Under the Bright Sun Shine” and “Towards a Promising Future” (Photographer: Wenjuan Zhang)


Group photo of YSUleaders andperformers

(Photographer: Changshan Cai)


Hosted by YSU Party Committee Publication Department and sponsored bySchool of Arts and Design, the New Year’s concert, has become an YSU tradition since 2010. It keeps various forms and is rich in content,thus welcomed by the masses of teachers and students.

(Photographer: Changshan Cai)

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