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Qiqihar Institute of Industrial Development of YSU was inaugurated


News from News CenterThe inauguration of Qiqihar Institute of Industrial Development, namely the projects docking conference was held in Fularji District, Qiqihar Municipal, Heilongjiang Province. Attending the conference were Kun Sun,Secretary of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Qiqihar Municipal People's Congress, Qing Yao, Deputy Mayor of Qiqihar Municipal and Deputy Secretary-General of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, and related leaders of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee Office, Qiqihar Municipal Bureau of Finance, Qiqihar Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Qiqihar Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and Fularji District, as well as directors of China First Heavy Industries, Beiman Special Steel, Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool, Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment and Yutong Machinery. Led by President Hongmin Liu and Vice President Xiangdong Kong, directors of YSU President’s Office, Graduate School, Institute of Science and Technology, Human Resources, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Art and Design and Technology Transfer Center attended theconference.

Projects docking conference

YSU Vice President Xiangdong Kongintroduced YSU, the development plan for the Institute and pre-dockingprojects. Mingzhong Liu, Chairman of China First Heavy Industries, on behalf of Qiqihar enterprises, hopedthat Qiqihar Municipal, China First Heavy Industries, and YSU take advantage ofintellectual resources of YSU, grasp the opportunity that China is promoting structuralreform of the supply front, and strengthen research on basic, applied andtechnical engineering to push the revitalization of Qigihar, the development of YSU as a world-class university, and the research, manufacturing and service of China First Heavy Industries as a world-class integrated business group.

YSU President Liu stated that a regular and standardized working mechanism for the cooperation between universities and enterprises has formed owing to establishment of the institute. YSU will integrate thedevelopment of high-level projects, new research outcomes and cultivation of excellent graduates to promote regional economy. The establishment of theinstitute is the pivot of the strategic development of YSU and an importantmeasure of implementing the national strategy of revitalizing the Northeast. YSU will appoint high-level researchers to push the research development, thus playing the due role of YSU.

Kun Sun, Secretary of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee stated that YSU has excellent faculty which has achieved nationally leading scientific research outcomes in the field of industrial development. The cooperation willenlarge bilateral advantages so as to lay the foundation for win-windevelopment. The in-depth cooperation with YSU will be carried out intechnology research and development, market demand and industrial developmentin order to combine closely technological thinking with industrial thinking for better product design, technological service and projects.  Meanwhile, the relevant government departments of Qiqihar are supposed to fully support theinstitute, actively organize more enterprises to dock with the institute, and provide good accommodations for YSU researchers to come.

PresidentHongmin Liu is addressing the conference.



A groupphoto

(Theabove photos are provided by the Institute of Science and Technology.)


Qing Yao, Deputy Mayor of Qiqihar, hosted the inauguration and delivereda speech. Hongmin Liu and Mingzhong Liu delivered their speeches on behalf of YSU and China First Heavy Industries respectively. At the end of the ceremony, Kun Sun, Hongmin Liu and Mingzhong Liu unveiled the nameplate for theinstitute, witnessed by the distinguished guests. After that, they visited the outcome exhibitions of 12 university-enterprise joint projects.

Qiqihar Institute of Industrial Development is located in Fularji District. Guided by the government and supported mainly by YSU, it has integrated YSU scientific research and achievement transformation and operated on market-based mechanism.The establishment of the institute will be of great importance in promoting theDoubleFirst-rate construction and the commercialization of research findings. (Editor: Yujing Chu)

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