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YSU 2017 Graduation Gala was Successfully Held


[News from News Center] In the evening of June 11th, 2017 Graduation Gala was successfully held at the Activity Center on East Campus. YSU leaders, including Weidong Meng, Hongmin Liu, Wanyu Sheng, Xiangdong Kong, Fucheng Zhang, Lingfu Kong, Yan’an Xie, Baocheng Wang, Sheng Huang, Dingxuan Zhao, school and department heads, teachers and students enjoyed this Gala, which was live broadcast on the square outside of the Activity Center.

The opening dance “the Graduation Season”

President Hongmin Liu is addressing the Gala.

The dance “the Graduation Season” opened the prelude of the gala with its vibrant melody. President Hongmin Liu addressed the gala: he recalled YSU achievements over the previous year, sent best wishes to graduates, and encourage them to overcome difficulties with courage and wisdom and to keep thinking and learning all the time while facing new challenges and embracing new life. Divided into three chapters---beautiful memory, colorful campus, and dream chasing, the Gala themes love for classmates, teachers, and the country, demonstrating humanistic emotions of love, gratitude, and advance. In the first Chapter, the singers illustrated their unwillingness to leave the campus and recalled unforgettable memories of four-year life at YSU. The recitation “My Heart Will Always Be Here”reminded the audience of precious moments on campus, and the background video clips narrated the stories from a freshman to a senior. Featuring passionate moves and melody, the dance “My Brothers” showed deep affection among college friends. The guitar play “When we were younger” inspired students to go for their promising future. The cross talk “Love at YSU” brought incessant laughs to the audience and students were touched by the actor’s line “I don’t expect that we could gather again, but that we wouldn’t forget each of us”.

The dance “My Brothers”

The dance “Reunion of China” by   School of Arts and Design

The host interviewed graduate representative Fengxue Wang, and teacher representative Yong Chai from school of Marxism.  The solo “Night in Ulaanbaatar” and dance “Bamboo” won rounds of applause.“Yanshan Talk Show” invited Prof. Zhen Huang, an outstanding teacher who devotes his life to YSU scientific research. As a witness of YSU development, Prof. Huang narrated YSU stories, and motivated graduates to inherit and develop hardworking and rigorous academic attitude. The chorus “Chengdu” adapted by YSU Choir moved everyone with its impressive lyrics “YSU, the only thing I cannot take away”. The chorus “tomorrow will be better” by YSU advisors brought the gala to a climax with their beautiful voice and sincere wishes. The Erhu Ensemble “Youth Rhapsody” and the dance “Reunion of China” presented the audience a youthful YSU full of dynamic students. In the end, the evening ended with solo “Reed flower” by Xin Zhao.

The chorus “Chengdu: YSU edition”

The Gala ended with solo “Reed flower” by Xin Zhao.


The group photo of leaders and the cast

(Photographers: Yingjun Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Linkanxue Yang)  

The gala was hosted by YSU committee of Communist Youth League. The crew made great efforts to present wonderful audio-visual enjoyment to the graduates and audience. College life has gone and a new journey just begins. YSU wishes all graduates a bright future and a beautiful life.


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