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Yinsi Wang won the 6th National College Counselor Professional Competence Competition



[News from News Center] 6thNational College Counselor Professional Ability Competition (final), hosted by the Department of Ideological and Political Affairs of the Ministry of Education and the Counselor Work Research Association of China Association of Higher Education, was held at Beijing Jiaotong University from Jun. 16th to 17th.  After fierce competition, Yinsi Wang from School of Mechanical Engineering, YSU won the national championship with the highest score. Wenjing Liu and Ming Liu from Liren College won the Third Prizes. Besides, their outstanding performance won the Group Award for Hebei Province. Dawei Liu, a member and Assistant Minister of the Party Committee of Ministry of Education, and Donggang Zhang, Director of the Department of Ideological and Political Affairs of the Ministry of Education, attended the awarding ceremony.



Yinsi Wang (the first from the right) at the ceremony

The Competition, held annually, is the highest level event for college counselors. After school competition, provincial competition, and district competition, a total of 69 contestants stood out from thousands of participants and entered into the final. After district competition, only three counselors from YSU successfully entered the final on behalf of Hebei. The first stage of the final included written examination (basic knowledge test and online writing), class meeting, and case analysis. The top 20 contestants had the opportunity to enter into the second stage for speech and communication section. This competition set 5 First Prizes, 15 Second Prizes, 49 Third Prizes, 10 Group Awards, and 10 Excellent Organization Awards. 



Yinsi Wang

In the five sections, Yinsi Wang displayed the "magic image" of YSU counselors from all aspects: in written examination, she was "the thinker" armed with a solid theoretical foundation, a wide range of knowledge and good psychological quality; in class meeting, she was a "guide", applying new media and new technologies to educated students exert the youth power in the development of our motherland; in case analysis, she was "Sherlock", grasping the nature of problems and handling emergencies from three aspects: emotion, reason and law, thus winning the highest score in this section; in the speech section, she was the "speaker" with fifteen years experiences, perfectly interpreting the theme "time, responsibility and dedication; in the communication section, she was a "good instructor", directly and calmly facing students aggrieved by "Blue Whale Suicide Game.

Wenjing Liu was quick-witted, logic, and fluent in case analysis. She could grasp the essence of the problem accurately, analyze the problems reasonably, and integrate her love for the students into problem solving. In case analysis section, Ming Liu put forward her ideas and concrete measures with a clear mind. The two counselors won the Third Prizes due to full preparation before the competition, knowledge and experiences, and reasonable analysis of the problems.



Wenjing Liu is in the case analysis section.

Ming Liu is in the case analysis section.

YSU had swept all those "firsts": Provincial first, District first and National first, which could not have been achieved without the efforts of every YSU person. YSU leaders attached great importance to the competition and gave support; YSU Student Affairs Office assured the orderly preparation in terms of overall guidance, careful preparation, simulation and actual combat drill; every school overcame difficulties and fully supported the counselors; team members summarized key points and difficulties in student affairs to help the contestants enrich knowledge, improve logical thinking, and broaden ideas. In addition to providing intellectual support for the contestants, these team members also deepened their understanding of counselors’ work.



YSU team

(The photos are provided by Students Affairs Office)

Students are the foundation of schools; education is the mission of colleges and universities; and counselors are the hard core of ideological and political work in colleges and universities. Winning the National College Counselor Professional Competence Competition was the outstanding achievement of YSU counselor team, which fully reflected the leading level of YSU ideological and political education in the country. YSU will thoroughly implement the spirit of national ideological and political work conference, further strengthen the construction of counselor team, effectively promote counselors development towards professionalization and specialization, and constantly improve YSU ideological and political education.  

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