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YSU 2017 Commencement for Ph.D. and Master Graduates



[News from News Center] On June 25th, YSU 2017 Commencement for Ph.D. and Master Graduates, hosted by Yingping Guan, Dean of Graduate School, was held at the Activity Center, East Campus. YSU leaders, including Weidong Meng, Hongmin Liu, Wanyu Sheng, Fucheng Zhang, Yanan Xie, Yongsheng Zhao, Baocheng Wang, Sheng Huang, Dingxuan Zhao, and school and department heads attended the Commencement.  



The Commencement

Vice President Dingxuan Zhao and Fucheng Zhang read the Document of Graduation and the Document of Academic Degree Granting respectively. Graduate representative Chaoqun Xia, in his speech, extended gratitude to YSU and his teachers, classmates, and family for their support and encouragement, and showed great determination to utilize his knowledge and carry forward YSU spirit to eventually repay the society. Prof. Dianrong Gao, representative of Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors of School of Mechanical Engineering, addressed the Commencement. He placed high expectations on newly-minted graduates, encouraging them to keep a lifelong learning with ambitions, to bravely forge their paths on innovation and exploration, and to make contribution to scientific and social development.



Dingxuan Zhao is reading the Document of Graduation.


Fucheng Zhang is reading the Document of Academic Degree Granting.


Graduate representative Chaoqun Xia is giving a speech.


Pro. Dianrong Gao is addressing the Commencement.

President Hongmin Liu delivered an inspiring speech entitled Be a Person with Responsibility, Courage, and Perseverance. Liu sent congratulations and best wishes to the new graduates, including 139 Ph.D. graduates and 2121 Master graduates; and extended gratitude to supervisors, and faculty and staff who contributed to the education of graduates.

President Liu outlined three qualities: Responsibility, Courage, and Perseverance. Young people would shoulder responsibilities and possess virtue while facing obstacles in life, thus finding their values through helping others, supporting their family and serving their country. Young people, inheriting great boldness from ancestors, would be courageous to explore the unknown where there are infinite opportunities and challenges especially in the era of the Internet. Brave thinkers and doers are needed to tackle difficulties and create a better world. Perseverance is a precious quality in this fast-changing era, and Core Socialist Values involve patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendship. Liu suggested that graduates spend time reading every day so that they can gain mental peace, inspire thinking, and accumulate spiritual wealth. At last, he appealed to graduates to remember their original goals and wished them a bright and promising future.



President Hongmin Liu is addressing the Commencement


President Hongmin Liu is turning the tassels for Ph.D. graduates.



The Group photo of YSU leaders and Master’s Graduates

President Hongmin Liu and YSU leaders turned the tassels for Ph.D. Graduates and Master Graduates respectively at the Commencement and took photos with them. (Edited by Rui Liu)


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