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YSU 2017 Commencement for Bachelor Degree Graduates



[News from News Center] YSU held 2017 Commencement for Bachelor Degree Graduates in the second stadium, East Campus at 8:30 am on Jun. 28th. Weidong Meng, Hongmin Liu, Wanyu Sheng, Xiangdong Kong, Fucheng Zhang, Yanan Xie, Yongsheng Zhao, Baocheng Wang, Sheng Huang, Dingxuan Zhao, and other school leaders attended the ceremony. Administrators, department heads, advisors, some parents of graduates, and more than 4000 graduates from 14 schools witnessed this important moment. The commencement was hosted by Mingli Zhang, Director of Student Affairs Office.

Everyone present stands up for the national anthem is played.

Mingli Zhang is hosting the ceremony.

YSU President Hongmin Liu awarded Bachelor Degrees to graduate representatives; and other school leaders awarded Bachelor Degrees to international graduates.

YSU President Hongmin Liu is awarding Bachelor Degree to a graduate representative.



YSU leaders are awardingBachelor Degrees to international graduates.  

Xiangduan Zeng from School of Vehicle and Energy, a graduate representative, YSU 2016 Person of the Year, YSU 2017 "Most Beautiful Graduate", one of Hebei Province Outstanding Graduates, recalled his life and dream in his speech. He expressed that it was YSU that taught him persistence, diligence, innovation, and dedication, so that he was going to Delingha city, Qinghai province resolutely for teaching to repay the society, and that he would carry forward YSU spirit. Representing graduates’ parents, Yan Wu, mother of Bo Li (a graduate from School of Mechanical Engineering), expressed gratitude to YSU and YSU faculty for helping her son to grasp his direction, and that he was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology to pursue Master Degree. Li Gang, alumni representative, a member of class of 2004 from School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, and Deputy General Manager of Shen Kan Qinhuangdao Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd., MCC, shared his memory of 7 years at YSU for Bachelor and Master Degree and 10 years at work. He expressed his gratefulness to YSU and encouraged the graduates to greet a bright future with a down-to-earth attitude.

Xiangduan Zeng is speaking on behalf of the graduates.

    Yan Wu is speaking on behalf of parents.

Gang Li is speaking on behalf of alumni.

YSU Vice President Sheng Huang announced the "Decision on Commending YSU 2017 Provincial Outstanding Graduates" and Decision on Commending YSU 2017 Most Beautiful Graduates". Xiongchao Han and other 320 students received the title of "2017 Outstanding Graduates from Hebei Universities", and 10 students, including Feixiong Mei, the title of "the Most Beautiful Graduates". YSU leaders awarded certificates and trophies to them.

YSU Vice President Sheng Huang is announcing the commending decisions.



YSU leaders are awarding certificates to representatives of Hebei Provincial Excellent Graduate.



YSU leaders are awarding trophies to 2017 Most Beautiful Graduates.

On behalf of YSU, President Liu gave the graduates a last lesson "the Era of Profound Change: Exploration and Persistence". He congratulated all the graduates and their families, and thanked YSU faculty for their hard work. He hoped that students had a correct understanding of the significance of university, which is,  helping students to form conscience and justice; guiding students to pursue truth and light; training students in systematic study, independent thinking, and innovation;  and cultivating their character, courage, and confidence. Reviewing the 4-year achievements of class of 2017, Liu exhorted these graduates to have a correct understanding of the times: rapid changing, profound reform and creativity can change the destiny. Everyone, equipped with learning and thinking, creativity and executive power, would strive to be a hero of the society. No matter how the times changes, graduate should always adhere to patriotism, dedication, integrity, and kindness. This year YSU had ordered unique graduation badges by name for every graduate, representing the uniqueness of every graduate. YSU would always be proud of her children. "Dear alumni, goodbye" at the end of President Liu’s address conveyed YSU’s high expectations of the graduates, and ignited the enthusiasm of all graduates.

YSU President Hongmin Liu is addressing the commencement.

At the end of the ceremony, all YSU leaders walked to the playground and waved the graduates goodbye in front of the photo wall. Accompanied by passionate music and affectionate singing, each school lined up orderly, waved back, and shouted "I love YSU", deeply moving everyone.

YSU leaders are seeing off graduates.

Graduates are exiting.

Happy graduation; see you again.

The commencement had many new elements, such as the red carpet representing hope, three graduation arches representing best wishes, catchwords popular on campus. The elaborate design and sense of ritual made the commencement more innovative, emotional, and passionate. The commencement ceremony is an important ritual for 4000 graduates, a symbol of the ending of their study and exploration at YSU and the good start of their new journey.

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