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YSU Held 2017 Freshmen Military Training Commendation Ceremony


[News from News Center] At 15:30, Sep. 15th, 2017 Freshmen Military Training Commendation Ceremony was held at the Second Stadium. Yao Zhang, Deputy Brigade Commander of 66109 Army of People's Liberation Army of China; Chunling Yu, Director of Combat Readiness Construction Department of Qinhuangdao Military Subarea; Xiandong Fang, Director of People's Armed Forces Department of Haigang District; Weidong Meng, Secretary of YSU Party Committee; Huang Sheng, YSU Vice President; Mingli Zhang, Director of People's Armed Forces Department and other school leaders attended the ceremony which was presided over by Jia Chan, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office.

Military Training Commendation Ceremony

(Photographed by Yujing Chu)

The ceremony drew off in the solemn national anthem. 2017 freshmen who had participated in the military training performed in the ceremony, which included a total of nine projects: march-past, flag dancing, stick shield show, chorus, flag semaphore, formation transformationmilitary sports boxing, tactical drill, combat combination and sign language performance. With strict military discipline, straight military posture and affectionate performance, they vividly demonstrated the ten-day military training results, and handed in a perfect answer to the teachers, instructors, and YSU.

March-past (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

During the march-past, each college team passed by the rostrum in turn with orderly and firm steps to accept the review.  Students were full of energy, and fully demonstrated the vibrant and hard-working spirit of YSU students with their sonorous slogans and determined steps.

Flag dancing show (Photographed by Haijie zhou)

The flag dancing project was jointly performed by School of Science and School of Arts and Design. 236 robust students were waving red flags vigorously, and the magnificent atmosphere created a burning neon in the pitch.

Stick shield show (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

The stick shield matrix was composed of students from School of Mechanical Engineering. Stick shield strategy was a fighting technique that used batons and shields to attack and defense. These students were strong, tough and determined, with fluent movements and orderly formation.

Chorus (Photographed by Haijie zhou)

School of Economics and Management brought the grand chorus. 500 students created words with their hands, such as characters of "virtue", "erudition" and "truth" formation, and then they sang "Battle Song" and "Song to YSU" together which activated the audience atmosphere to the climax.

Flag semaphore show (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

School of Electrical Engineering performed flag semaphore. Semaphore communication was the most simple and effective means to command troops in the course of combat. "Call", "Answer", "Evacuated Concealment" ... students showed the basic flag action with red and yellow flags, and also the strict attitude of YSU students.

Military sports boxing (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

School of Foreign Studies and School of Humanities and Law jointly performed the military sports boxing project. 600 freshmen posed "Hello YSU", "1920" and "2017" formation which interpreted the glorious history of nearly a hundred years of YSU with their arms; and especially in the boxing show, they were such imposing with their powerful punching and forceful kicking.

Tactical drill (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

School of Information Science and Engineering brought tactical drill performance which including gun position, direction transformation, lying down, standing up and searching forward. Their professional and skillful movements fully embodied their fighting spirit of defying hardship and advancing courageously.

Combat show (Photographed by Yijia Di)

The combat combination was demonstrated by School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics and School of Vehicle and Energy at the rostrum. The martial arts were the foundation of the undefeated army in the battlefield which embodied the essence of military skills. Lift, pull, twist and hit, every move was exceptionally powerful, and highlighted their determination to serve the country.

Sign language show Hometown (Photographed by Haijie Zhou)

School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering brought sign language show "Hometown". They showed us their love for hometown with their affectionate recitation and uniformed body language. The whole performance scene was spectacular and heart touching.

Mingli Zhang is reading the commendation decisions. (Photographed by Yujing Chu)

YSU leaders are awarding certificates to excellent freshmen.

(Photographed by Chenkai Hu)

YSU leaders are awarding certificates to excellent instructors.

(Photographed by Yijia Di)

YSU leaders are awarding certificates to excellent drillmasters.

(Photographed by Yijia Di)

YSU leaders are awarding medals to excellent schools.

(Photographed by Yijia Di)

After the performance, Mingli Zhang read out "Decisions on Granting 6123 Freshmen Military Training Credits" and "Decisions on Commending 2017 Outstanding Teams and Individuals in Military Training". The leaders awarded honorary certificates and medals to representatives of those outstanding freshmen, instructors, drillmasters and schools in this military training.

Huang Sheng is addressing the concluding speech.  

(Photographed by Yujing Chu)

Then Huang Sheng made the concluding speech. On behalf of YSU, he expressed heartfelt thanks to the training bearing forces, Qinhuangdao army district and People's Armed Forces Department of Haigang District, expressed cordial greetings to the drillmaster and counselors, and  congratulated 2017 freshmen for their successfully completion of the training task. At the same time he put forward three points to 2017 freshmen as they were going to start their campus life. One was to flourish the patriotic feelings motivated in the military training; next, flourish the fine style developed in the military training; the last one was to flourish the concept of organizational discipline cultivated in military training.

Weidong Meng is presenting a banner to the training troops on behalf of YSU.

(Photographed by Chenkai Hu)

At last, Weidong Meng presented a banner to the training bearing troops 66109 on behalf of YSU, and the conference ended in our passionate school song.

Student Affairs Office had attached great importance to this military training as the first lesson for freshmen after their entrance to YSU. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of this military training so that 2017 freshmen could form good living habits at the beginning of their campus life, Student Affairs Office had already had an active contact with the provincial army and the training force since summer holiday to equip enough drillmasters for freshmen. Besides, the military schedule and training projects were determined in advance. 2017 freshmen also received interior training, fire drills, national defense education lectures and so on. In the process of military training, drillmasters worked day and night; all 2017 advisors followed the whole training process; Student Affairs Office helped coordinate, borrow, deliver training equipment, prepare drinking water and daily necessities, and provide logistics support to all instructors and students. Finally, the ten-day 2017 freshmen military training successfully concluded. (Translated by Pan Li)

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