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YSU Prof. Dingxuan Zhao Was Elected “Hebei Person of Civil-Military Integration”





[News from News Center] Recently, YSU Prof. Dingxuan Zhao was elected “Hebei Person of Civil-Military Integration”. On Nov. 17th, Dingxuan Zhao attended the awarding ceremony and accepted the certificate and trophy. Prof. Zhao is the only representative from education system among 10 people elected.

Dingxuan Zhao was elected “Hebei Person of Civil-Military Integration”

Hebei Military reported “10 Hebei Persons of Civil-Military Integration”

(Photos from National School of Defense Technology)

This selecting activity was co-sponsored by Hebei Industrial Bureau for National Defense Science and Technology, Hebei Military Region, Hebei Federation of Trade Unions, and Hebei Committee of Communist Youth League. The election aims to implement the national strategy of civil-military integration in depth, and to carry out the series of speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on advancing the deep development of civil-military integration, further stimulating the enthusiasm of the provincial enterprises, public institutions, and social forces in the great cause of civil-military integration. The election covered Double Support Models and advanced individuals of civil-military integration of Hebei military enterprises and public institutions, institutions of higher education and research institutes, “Civilian-run enterprise for military” enterprises, civil-military integration demonstration area and base, social organizations, troops in Hebei, and Party and government offices. After the unit recommendation, expert review, public voting, and comprehensive grading procedures, 10 “Hebei Province Civil-Military-Integration Person” were selected and 5 people won Award Nomination.

As a researcher and teacher at university, Dingxuan Zhao engages in the national defense science and technology with strong patriotism. He has successfully developed the Rapid Rescue Repair Device for army with independent intellectual property right, Vibration Simulation Test System with 3 Degrees of Freedom, Road Vibration Assessment Test System for military vehicles, Shipborne Radar Self-stabilized Base, Simulation Platform of tank driving and shelling, Dynamic Simulation Test System for military hydraulic excavator. He also successfully developed a Driving Simulation Training System for transportation vehicle of strategic weapons which was put into volume production in 2006, Flight Control Tower Simulator and Command Room Simulator of strategic warships, and Rapid Mooring Device of helicopter which broke the foreign technology blockade and was put into volume production by YSU. The achievements above made great contribution to the improvement of equipment technology of Chinese army. Prof. Zhao has obtained 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes and 2 Third Prizes of provincial and ministerial-level Scientific & Technological Progress Award, 1 individual Second-class Merit and 1 Third-class Merit.

The Hebei Person of Civil-Military Integration for Dingxuan Zhao is the recognition from all sectors of the society to Zhao’s achievements in military scientific research as well as the civil-military integration work of YSU, which will further promote the civil-military integration, military scientific research and the construction of national defense characteristic disciplines. Dingxuan Zhao said that he would remain true to his original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind, and continue carrying out pointed and strategic demand-oriented research facing the key fields of national defense science and technology industry to create high-level scientific and technological achievements and contribute more to civil-military integration.  

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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