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Yanxiang Racing Team won First Prize at 2017 Formula Student China




[News from News Center] From Nov. 12th to 17th, the 8th Formula Student China (FSC) was held in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. After heated competition, YSU Yanxiang Racing Team (YXRT), stood out from 78 teams, ranked 5th with the total point of 825.81 and won the First Prize. Among 8 competition events, YXRT ranked top 8 in five events: ranking 5th in Cost Defence, 6th in Marketing Defence, 8th in Splayed Round, 6th in High-speed Obstacle Avoidance, and 7th in Endurance Race.

2017 FSC attracted a total of 128 teams including Gas Power Car, Electric Car and Driverless Car, of which 78 teams were Gas Power Car. During the 6-day competition, these teams competed in eight events with a total of 1000 points: 150 points for Design, 100 for Manufacture Cost Analysis, 75 for Marketing Report, 75 for Drag Race, 50 for Splayed Round, 150 for High-speed Obstacle Avoidance, 300 for Endurance Race and 100 for Fuel Economy. YXRT got a total score of 825.81, the highest score of YXRT in latest 8 years. After 2015 FSC, this is the second time that YXRT has ranked 5th throughout the country.

YX-8 is being inspected.

During the static competition events on 13th and 14th, YXRT members successfully completed static events including Design, Marketing Report and Cost Report, and achieved excellent results with the spirit of “Come down to earth and keep improving” and car-building idea of “quality, precision and perfection”.

During the racing on 14th and 15th, YXRT members overcome difficulties and completed inspection, Drag Race, Splayed Round and High-speed Obstacle Avoidance. With excellent properties and outstanding driver, YXRT entered top 15 due to the fastest lap speed of 01:03:718, which meant that YXRT would compete with 14 top teams in Endurance Race on 17th.

On 17th, the teams raced in the Endurance Race in groups. YXRT was in the 3rd group according to the ranking in High-speed Obstacle Avoidance. The competition among Top15 began in the rain. Two drivers of YXRT, drove the car YX-8, and successfully completed the Endurance Race. The fastest lap costed 1min 45seconds, ranking 2nd among TOP15.

YX-8 is on the track of Endurance Race.

The Yanxiang eighth-generation car (YX-8) assembled by students were independently designed and manually processed by team members. Except for the purchased products including engine, tires, rims, differential mechanisms, ECU and shock absorber, the rest of the parts are designed by students independently, and the car body is also pure handmade. YX-8 adopted the Honda CBR600 Engine, with an acceleration time of only 3.8 seconds for a hundred kilometer and a strong power. During the process of the car development and competition, YXRT members strive for excellence in designing the car, debugging the car against the clock, and preparing for various competitions, which exercised the hard-working perseverance and significantly improved teamwork ability and engineering practice ability, lying firm foundation for students’ employment and career development.

Teachers and students of YXRT and YX-8

(Photos above from School of Vehicle and Energy)

Sponsored by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), the Formula Student China is a car design and manufacture competition for students majoring in automotive engineering and majors about automobiles in colleges and universities. Each team, in accordance with the rules of the race and the car manufacturing standards, independently designed and manufactured a small-size one-seater car with outstanding performances in acceleration, braking, and control, and completed the whole or part of the competition. From 2010, FSC has been held for 8 sessions, and YXRT participated in every session. 

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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