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The grand Hebei drama, Li Baoguo, performed at YSU



[News from the news center] On the evening of May 7th and 8th, a grand Hebei modern drama “Li Baoguo” performed at the Student Activity Center of YSU’s East Campus. Meng Weidong, the Secretary of the CPC YSU Committee and Sheng Wanyu, YSU Vice President, shared the performance with teachers and students.

The grand Hebei drama “Li Baoguo” performed at YSU (Photo by Zhang Shimiao)

The modern drama is based on the true story of Li Baoguo, a professor at Hebei Agricultural University, who is "an outstanding representative of the excellent communists in the new era," "a model of contemporary intellectuals," and "leading representatives of poverty alleviation". The drama presents Prof. Li’s industrious life: he had been rooting in the Taihang Mountains for 35 years. He had worked tirelessly to engage in ecological construction in the mountains and the cause of enriching the people through science and technology, and led the local people struggling to embark on the road to poverty alleviation and prosperity. In the end, Prof. Li was left with a sudden heart attack because of overwork. In the play, several real story plots were selected to present Prof. Li’s dedication to the people such as setting the classrooms in the mountains and forests, checking the disaster regardless of his own sickness, giving students generous help, etc.

The performance (Photo by Zhang Fan)

The play has created a glorious image of Comrade Li Baoguo who is affiliated with our people, hard-working, and selfless dedication. Through his own efforts, he got out of the countryside but eventually he had devoted himself to the countryside in the prime years of his life. He dedicated his life to help the people of old district out of the poverty. After decades of scarification, his loyal soul was finally left on the Taihang Mountains. His exemplary actions demonstrate the excellent character of the Communist Party members who interpret dedications with their lives. The audience was thrilled by the performers’ rigorous and lively performances. The performers immersed themselves fully in the drama, which helped gain rounds of applauses.

The grand Hebei modern drama “Li Baoguo” was created by the “Hebei bangzi” Theater Performing Arts Co., Ltd. of Hebei Province for more than eight months. The play was composed by the famous screenwriter Sun Demin as the chief screenwriter, and the famous director Huang Zaimin, the honorary president of the Chinese Directors Association of Traditional Chinese Opera, as the general director. Qiu Ruide, the winner of Plum Performance Award, played Li Baoguo. The play focused on the description of the details of life, featuring the decent deeds and reaching out to the audience insomuch as to stimulate people in various positions to consciously serve the people and take benefits of the people as the priority in order to make outstanding achievements in the new era.

Meng Weidong meets with performers (Photo by Jia Xiaolin)

Sheng Yuyu meets with performers (Photo by Guan Qingru)

After the performance, YSU leaders Meng Weidong and Sheng Wanyu expressed their congratulations to the cast members and took photos with them.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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