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The 17th 5·25 College Students’ Mental Health Festival Opening Ceremony at YSU



[News from the News Center] On May 3th, 14:15 pm, the opening ceremony of the 17th YSU 5·25 College Students’ Mental Health Festival was held at the library square. Huang Sheng, Vice President of YSU, Zhang Mingli, Director of Department of Student Affairs Department, relevant leaders responsible for the work of Communist Youth League and student union and teacher and student representatives, more than 600 people in total, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was held by Duan Lei, Deputy Director of Department of Student Affairs.

The activity (photo by the Department of Student Affairs)

Zhang Mingli introduces the preparation and arrangement of the College Students’ Mental Health Festival (photo by the Department of Student Affairs)

Zhang Mingli introduced the preparation and arrangement of the College Students’ Mental Health Festival. She said, the Mental Health Festival is an important part of mental health education, and also an education carrier benefiting the students’ physical and mental integrity development. This year’s Mental Health Festival is much closer to students’ real life and more than 40 activities will be held hierarchically: providing professional psychological training for counselors and improving their professional skills to serve the students better; developing training for psychological members and work guidance and  building a firm basic defense to mental health education taking college as a unit; carrying out group counseling activities of class development, taking class as a unit and covering more than 800 undergraduate classes, to help the students express themselves better and grow up; carrying out activities like psychological micro film competition and psychological film broadcasting towards all YSU students, analyzing the psychological phenomenon comprehensively and deeply and popularizing knowledge about mental health. Each college will also help the students learn to seek help properly, cope with stress and adopt a positive attitude through psychological drama competition, spiritual growth workshop and mental health quizzes.

Student representative reads the proposal (photo by Lu Jingke)

Pang Xiaoyue, President of YSU Undergraduate Mental Health Association and student of the School of Foreign Studies, take an initiative to advise students. She proposed that we students should know ourselves correctly and accept ourselves, deal with difficulties and frustrations reasonably, create a harmonious relationship, make our school life brilliant through our own efforts and spare no efforts to become a pride of YSU and a pillar of our country.

Huang Sheng speaks in the activity (photo by Lu Jingke)

Huang Sheng delivered an important speech. He pointed out that YSU always attaches great importance to undergraduates’ mental health education and is always devoted to improving students’ mental health quality. Mental Health Festival is an important platform of psychological education and a special brand activity of YSU, aiming to help students solve the problems properly when growing up, learn how to deal with stress. He hopes that we students should pay attention to inner self-construction, upgrade mental resilience and take firm and confident steps. Huang sheng, Vice President of YSU, encourage students to keep President Xi’s important speech in Pecking University in mind firmly, to be a person chasing your dream as well as a person making your dream come true, build a road for national renewal and make contributions to the construction of our motherland. At last, Huang Sheng declared the official opening of this year’s Mental Health Festival.

Teachers and students in the activity (photo by Gao Jing)

After the opening ceremony, Huang Sheng Signed his name on the scroll together with the teachers and students on the spot and paid a visit to the public education campaign organized by the Department of Student Affairs. The well-prepared group counseling was vivid and fascinating; the skillfully-designed sand table was novel and meaningful; the self-designed bookmarks were exquisite and enlightening; psychological teachers and students communicate face to face, which drew the students and teachers much closer; the content-rich propagandizing boards were comprehensive and readable and the psychological test involved many students in this activity. Series of activities on the spot enhanced the effect of the opening ceremony and promoted the activity theme of feelings filled YSU campus and the concept of helping ourselves and helping others.

These years, YSU has been committed to increasing students’ mental health and developing the students’ physiological peace and positive attitude. YSU has perfected the six work parts about psychological education: building a psychological work team of high quality, setting up psychological required courses of full coverage, implementing standardized psychological crisis intervention, building a full-scale university-hospital cooperation platform, providing multi-channel psychological counseling service and carrying out diversified psychological education activities. Mental Health Festival, an important part of YSU’s psychological education, plays an important role in improving the level of the students’ mental health. YSU will make full use of the Mental Health Education’s carrier function, create a characteristic mental health educating position, help the students to learn more about metal health knowledge and increase psychological resilience and promote us students to open our heart and take a positive attitude in our daily life.

(translated by Ren Yifei)

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