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YSU Chemistry Discipline Ranks ESI Top 1%



[News from the News Center] The latest ESI data (data coverage from January 1st, 2008 to February 28th, 2018) released by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) showed that YSU Chemistry discipline ranked ESI top 1% for the first time after the two disciplines of Engineering and Materials Science have steadily ranked the top 1% of ESI global rankings (Engineering ranks 4.21‰, Material Science ranks 4.68‰). So far, a total of three YSU disciplines rank ESI top 1%.

Since 2008, YSU has successively launched engineering upgrading project, science rising project, and first-class discipline construction project. The strategy of strengthening YSU through human resource development has been implemented by introducing policies to encourage the publication of high-level papers, which significantly improved the quality and international influence of the papers. According to the latest ESI data, YSU teachers and students have published 906 ESI papers in the field of chemistry since 2008.The total citations reached 7,398 times, and average citations 8.17 times, and there are 9 highly cited papers and 1 hot paper of ESI, which enabled YSU Chemistry discipline to rank the top 1% in the world.

YSU Chemistry discipline ranks ESI top 1%  

(Photo by the Higher Education Development Research Center)

Data source introduction: Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is an analytical tool constructed by world-renowned academic information publishing agency ISI to evaluate the performance of scientific research and track the trend of science development. Based on quantitative analysis of database established by Web of Science SCIE/SSCI under Clarivate Analytics consisting of over 10 million literature records from more than 12,000 academic journals, ESI has been adopted universally to evaluate the academic levels of university, academic institutions, and state or region, and it’s also one of the indicators for the third- and fourth-round discipline evaluation system of MoE. At present, the ESI is adopted by many well-known universities around the world to evaluate the strengths of their disciplines. Domestic education authorities and universities at all levels are also attaching increasing attention to the ESI indicators. Targeting ESI top 1% is being the goal of more and more universities.

(Translated by Li Zhengjie)

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