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YSU held a grand opening ceremony for 2018 freshmen’s military training



[News from the News Center] On the morning of September 5, the opening ceremony for YSU’s 2018 freshmen military training was held in the second stadium of the East Campus. School leaders Meng Weidong, Liu Hongmin, Sheng Yuyu, Zhang Fucheng, Xie Yanan, Li Wei, Zhao Yongsheng, Wang Baocheng, Zhao Dingxuan and directors from YSU schools attended the opening ceremony. 6234 undergraduates, 2448 graduate students and 66 international students attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhang Mingli, Director of Student Affairs Office.

The opening ceremony

2018 freshmen queued in the center of the playground, the ceremony started with the national anthem.

Student representative Zhu Jiaqi spoke at the ceremony.  (Photo by Tan Tianying /News Center)

Zhu Jiaqi a student of School of Mechanical Engineering, with the honorary title “The most beautiful college student of Hebei Province”, spoke as a student representative. He shared with the freshmen some touching feelings from the aspects of “adaptation”, “planning” and “practice”, and called on everyone to adapt as soon as possible, and take the initiative to learn and plan for college life in order to have meaningful college years.

Freshmen representative Yang Sitong spoke at the ceremony. (Photo by Gao Jing /News Center)

Yang Sitong, a freshman major in Law from the School of Humanities and Law, shared her enthusiasm and yearning for university life, and the warmth she felt when she first came to YSU. She would like to strengthen her confidence and tenacity to embrace college life, and to pursue dreams in the following years.

Teacher representative Dou Yan spoke at the ceremony. (Photo by Gao Jing /News Center)

Dou Yan, an outstanding teacher of Hebei Province, on behalf of YSU teachers, encourage the freshmen to be a critical thinker and make every choice out of your heart. College years would be most remarkable years of your life, you would cherish it and take it as an great opportunity to broaden your horizons, develop your interests, and make commitment to your study and to your university and to the society at large.

YSU leaders wore school badges for students representative and issued student ID cards for them. (Photo by Gao Jing / News Center)

In the end, the school leaders wore school badges and issued student ID cards for the freshmen, which marks the beginning of college life in YSU.

Liu Hongmin spoke at the ceremony. (Photo by Gao Jing /News Center)

President Liu Hongmin gave a speech entitled "Shaping a Better Self" and expressed his welcome and congratulations to all the teachers and students. He introduced that YSU is a higher education institution with reputation. After nearly a hundred years of evolution and development, YSU moved twice and started three times, which profoundly interpreted YSU’s motto of “Hard work, vigorous study, and creative exploration”. Finally, he wished every freshman a rich and wonderful university life, writing his own life chapter in YSU, and shaping himself in the beautiful YSU campus.

After the opening ceremony, a 2018 new military training mobilization meeting was held. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office

Zhang Mingli read the decision of Military Training.

Wang Baocheng spoke at the ceremony. (Photo by Jia Mengwei / News Center)

Wang Baocheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, made a speech on military mobilization. On behalf of YSU, he sincerely thanked the training units for their strong support for the military training work. He emphasized the great significance of military training for students and raised national defense awareness, and entrusted all new students: to love your university and country. Students would take responsibility to cultivate themselves to be a well educated and all-round developed graduate four years later.

Sun Jianchuan spoke at the ceremony. (Photo by Jia Mengwei / News Center)

Sun Jianchuan, deputy director of the Political Work Department of the 66109 Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, spoke on behalf of the training unit. He hoped that all freshmen could be less childish and more mature through military training; less mediocrity and more enterprising spirit. He said that military training, with the strict military training practice, would toughen up college students.

Cao Yuchen led students to take military training oath. (Photo by Jia Mengwei /News Center)

Cao Yuchen, at the School of Electrical Engineering, let all the participants to take a solemn military training oath. The powerful sound showed the firm determination of all freshmen to complete the military training mission.

Liu Hongmin awarded the flag to the Head of the military training regiment (Photo by Gao Jing / News Center)

Finally, the President Liu Hongmin gave a flag to the Head of the military training regiment, officially kicking off the 2018 freshmen military training.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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