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YSU wins excellent awards in 2018 CUMCM


[News from the News Center] Recently, the list of the winners in 2018 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) was released. After fierce competition, YSU students won 4 national first prizes and 5 second prizes, and 30 first prizes and 39 second prizes of Hebei Province.The number of national first prizes ranked first in the Hebei Province.

One of the first-prize winner team at the contest

YSU teachers and students participating in the 2018 CUMCM

(Photos above from Academic Affairs Office)

YSU attached great importance to the organization and training for the Contest and YSU has a good foundation and tradition of participation in the Contest. In order to better publicize and promote mathematical modeling and select teams for the national contest, the 5th YSU Mathematical Contest in Modeling was held in April this year in the joint efforts by the Academic Affairs Office, the Communist Youth League YSU Committee and the School of Science, which attracted nearly 1000 students. Finally, a total of 124 teams participated in the national contest after the selection, training, and elimination. During the summer vacation, the teachers instructed the students to get intensive trainingthroughlectures, cases analysis and mock contest, which laid a strong foundation for this contest. In the in-depth study and modeling practice of the training, students consolidated the modeling knowledge, improved the modeling ability and obtained the team cooperation ability, and all teams’ mathematical modeling level has been effectively improved.

In order to ensure the continuity of students’ scientific research, and set up a good talent training channel and platform, the teachers of mathematical modeling teams continued to guide the student team to complete various mathematical modeling tasks, conducted post-contest research, and organized students tovarious types of national mathematical contests in modeling including the Electrician Mathematical Contest in Modeling, May Day Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and MCM/ICM. Besides, they focused in the cultivation of students’awareness and abilities of innovation. All these efforts laid a firm foundation for 2018CUMCM.

CUMCM, held annually since 1992, is now the largest authoritative contest in basic subject in colleges and universities nationwide, and the largest mathematical contest in modeling in the world. 2018CUMCM attracted 40,000 teams from 1,449 colleges and universities at home and abroad, and only a total of 292 national first prizes were awarded for the undergraduate teams with a winning percentage of less than 0.76%.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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