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YSU 2019 New Year concert


[News from the News Center] YSU held 2018 New Yeas concert at the Students Center, East Campus. YSU leaders, retired faculty, and nearly a thousand teachers and students enjoyed this concert.

Meng Weidong gives his speech. (Photo by Zhang Yu from the News Center)

The audience (Photo by Zhang Xuze from the News Center)

At the concert, YSU Party Secretary Meng Weidong, on behalf of YSU, sent New Year’s greetings and best wishes to YSU faculty and students, retired faculty and staff, alumni both at home and abroad, and friends who have been long supporting YSU’s development. Meng reviewed the excellent achievements of YSU in 2018, and required that we should continue to fulfill our responsibilities and implement the basic mission of strengthening moral education and cultivating people under the guidelines of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Besides, we need to focus on undergraduate education and spare no effort to build YSU into a “Double First-class” university.

A cappella “Jasmine Flower” (Photo by Tan Tianying from the News Center)


Stringensemble “Spring” (Photo by JinZihao from the News Center)

Violin solos“Spring in Xinjiang” and “Spring Festival Overture”(Photo by Yu Tianqi from the News Center)

Piano solo “Op.53 Polonaise”(Photo by Zhang Yu from the News Center)

Male solo“My Country My Mother” and “An Ode to Peking”(Photo by Zhang Yu from the News Center)

Electronic organ ensemble “Big Fish & Begonia”(Photo by Tan Tianying from the News Center)

Electronic organ ensemble “Masquerade”(Photo by Yu Tianqi from the News Center)

Male and female duet “Eyes Full of Stars” and “Our New Era”(Photo by Tan Tianying from the News Center)

National instrument ensemble “Dunhuang” and “Azalea”(Photo by Tan Tianying from the News Center)

Female solo “I Love You China” and “Peach Blossom in March”(Photo by Yu Tianqi from the News Center)

Chorus “Flowers and Rainbow”, “Build the Chinese Dream Together” and “Song of YSU”(Photo by Zhang Yu from the News Center)

Leaders and performers (Photo by Tan Tianying from the News Center)

The concert began with the a’cappella “Jasmine Flower”. The string ensemble “Spring” by Liu Yunmeng, Li Jie and others made the audience feel the enthusiasm of spring. The violin solo “Springin Xinjiang” by Du Xiaowan accompanied by and Zheng Shiwen’s piano has a distinctive Uyghur’s music style. The beautiful music reflects the joyful and smooth life of the Xinjiang people after liberation. The “Spring Festival Overture” is a perfect reflection of how Chinese people celebrated the traditional Chinese festival -- Spring Festival. The piano solo “Op.53 Polonaise” by Sun Ying is full of power and heroism. With tremendous momentum, it shows fiery patriotism of the great composer Chopin. “My Country My Mother” by Qu Zhengyi expresses the love and sincere praise of hundreds of millions of Chinese to the motherland. His male solo “An Ode to Peking” is full of the love of the people of all ethnic groups for the great motherland and the yearning for the capital Beijing.The electronic organ ensemble “Big Fish & Begonia” by Zhang Pengyuan, Feng Yinghui, and Xu Jiarui is gave the audience a sense of peaceful and dreamy life. The original melody was adapted by Liu Xia from the School of Art and Design, and integrated with the performance of the pipa, which shows the natural integration of traditional music and modern music.Electronic organ ensemble “Masquerade” by Chen Jiahui and Pei Zheng is a typical Tango song with Argentine features. The songs “Eyes Full of Stars” and “Our New Era” by Wu Di and Ning Yanpeng are very impressive with their long rhythm and shocking melody. National instrument ensemble “Dunhuang” and “Azalea” by Yao Lin and Xu Jiarui infected every teacher and student with soothing and gentle melody. “I Love You China” by Zhao Xin expresses the love for the motherland with a sincere and warm voice. The Chinese dream is a great dream to realize national prosperity, national rejuvenation, people’s happiness, and social harmony, which belongs to 1.3 billion Chinese people. The chorus“Flowers and Rainbow” and “Build the Chinese Dream Together” by the “Yanming” choir of the Music Department of the School of Art and Design praised the great Chinese Dream and conveyed the ardent desire of the Chinese nation to move toward national rejuvenation and look forward to the country’s prosperity and the determination to forge ahead with the bright future of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Finally, the New Year concert ended with “The Song of YSU”.

Hosted by YSU Party Committee Publication Department and held by School of Arts and Design, the New Year concert has become a tradition of YSU since 2010. With various forms, it is rich in content and gets popularity among the masses of teachers and students.The 2019 New Year concert has gained support from YSU Party Committee Office, President Office, Student Affairs Office, Labor Union, YSU Committee of Communist Youth League, Security Office, and Logistics Group.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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