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YSU Prof. Liu Riping won the second prize of National Technology Invention in 2018



[News from the News Center] On January 8, the 2018 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Beijing. Prof. Liu of YSU State Key Laboratory of Meta-stable Materials Science and Technology was granted the second prize of National Technology Invention in 2018 for the project he presided over—“The Detection of the Space Debris and High Energy Particles and the Application of Key Protection Materials”.

Liu Riping won the second prize of 2018 National Technology Invention

The real-time data of high-energy particle detection

Space is the fourth frontier of human activity after land, sea and air exploration. Space technology has strategic significance for national security, economic interests, and scientific and technological development. “Space exploration” has been regarded as a strategic choice that is of great national interest. The space environment is harsh and the existence of such as high-energy particles (mainly electrons and protons), debris, ultra-high vacuum, etc. has a significant impact on the aircraft and its components in terms of their design, operation and service life.

YSU Prof. Liu Riping and his team cooperated with the Beijing Space Vehicle General Design Department and Peking University in the research of the detection of the space debris and high energy particles that have a great impact on spacecraft service. With over ten years hard work, the new detection technology and the protection materials were invented, which solved the key problem of material limitation. Based on this achievement, a complete set of stable and reliable production technologies and standards were established, which is a breakthrough in terms of research principles and methodology. Relevant technologies have been applied to major space missions such as Resource Satellite and Tiangong Satellite, as well as nearly 100 related departments and enterprises in China, and have achieved remarkable social and economic benefits. The achievement produced authorized 32 national invention patents and more than 170 SCI papers, which received strong affirmation peers in Nature Mater, Science and other papers gave high praise to related work.

[Translated by Liu Ruo]

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