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YSU leaders visit alumnus Zhou Tienong


[News from the News Center] On the afternoon, Aug. 18, Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Zhao Dingxuan, YSU President, and other leaders visited Zhou Tienong, YSU alumnus, former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and former President of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang.

Zhou Tienong (middle), Zhao Xianfeng (left), and Zhao Dingxuan (right)

On behalf of the new leading group and the teachers and students of YSU, Zhao Xianfengand Zhao Dingxuan expressed their good wishes to Zhou Tienong, thanked him for his concern and support for the development of his alma mater, and introduced on the recentdevelopment, preparation for the century-anniversary and theconstructionof “double first-class”.   

Zhou Tienongwelcomed the leaders and fully affirmed the achievements of YSU. He recalledhis experience at the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute from 1961 to 1983, especially the excellent tradition of serving the country and the rigorous teaching style, and said that he would continue to pay attention to and support the development of his alma mater. Zhou hoped that the new leading group would unite and lead the teachers and students to fully implement the party’s policyfor education, adhere to socialist orientation for running the university, and educate people for the party and the country. Besides, the new leading group shouldinherit and carry forward the traditions of struggle and the ambition of the YSUers, strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, and strive to realize the goal of becoming a “Double First-class” university and a “domestic first-class and world-renowned research university with distinctive features”.   

Next year will witness the 100th anniversary since the establishment, and 60th anniversary of independent running. Zhao Xianfeng and Zhao Dingxuan, on behalf of the teachers and students of the whole school and the alumni, sincerely invited Zhou Tienong to return to the alma mater during the anniversary, which Zhou accepted happily.

Mr. and Mrs. Zhou and YSU leaders

(Photos above from YSU Party Committee Office)

After the meeting, a photo was taken of Zhou Tienong and the leaders. Other leaders also visited Zhou Tienong, including Kong Xiangdong, former YSU Vice President, LiHongbo, Director of the YSU Party Committee Office and the President Office, and Guo Pei, Director of the YSU Party Committee Office.   

Recently, YSU leaders also visited alumni such as Ding Xuexiang and Huang Rong.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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