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Niu Maosheng, former Governor of Hebei Province, visits YSU for field research



[News from the News Center] On the afternoon, Aug. 5, Niu Maosheng, former Governor of Hebei Province, member of Standing Committee of 10th CPPCC National Committee, and Director of Committee of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of 10thCPPCC National Committee, visited YSU for field research, accompanied by Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Zhao Dingxuan, YSU President, and other leaders from YSU Party Committee Office and YSU President Office.

During the research, Niu Masheng paid visit to the graduation exhibition by the School of Arts and Design, the Metastable Materials Science and Technology State Key Laboratory, and the Key Research Center of Special Delivery Equipment.

Niu Maosheng visits the graduation exhibition by the School of Arts and Design. (Photographed by CaiQiaoyi)

At the exhibition hall of the School of Arts and Design, Niu Maosheng visited the graduation exhibition, and listened carefully to the introduction by Prof. Sun Li, dean of the School of Artsand Design. Niu appreciated the works and highly praised the idea of helping local industry transformation and upgradingby design innovation and YSU’s training for students and their creation. Besides, Niu made some constructive suggestions on how to combine the development of disciplines and the needs of the society.

Niu Maosheng visits the State Key Laboratory. (Photographed by Zhang Wenjuan)

At the State Key Laboratory, Niu Maosheng exchanged views with Prof, Wang Limin, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. Through the conversation, Niu knew about the high-level talent team construction, high-end scientific research equipment, breakthroughs in research, key achievements and transformation applications. He expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the State Key Laboratory for bringing together many high-end talents and breakthroughs in the frontiers of scientific research, and encouraged the researchers to make persistent efforts and make more achievements.

Niu Maosheng visits Key Research Center of Special Delivery Equipment. (Photographed by Yang Linkanxue)

At the Key Research Center of Special Delivery Equipment, Niu Maosheng observed the inertial control suspension technology--a national key R&D project led by YSU, and had some discussions with Zhao Dingxuan, the project leader, on the technical principles and application prospects of the technology. Niu highly appreciated the importance of YSU’s insistence on the major strategic needs of the country and the courage to carry out the arduoustask. He hoped that YSU would continue to carry forward the fine traditions and make greater contribution in serving the key state projectsand theeconomic and social development in Hebei Province.

“Bu Wang Chuxin Lao Ji Shiming” written by Niu Maosheng

(Photo from YSU Party Committee Office)

On hearing that next year will witnessYSU’s 100th anniversary since the establishment, and 60th anniversary of independent running, Niu Maosheng wrote “Bu Wang Chuxin Lao Ji Shiming” (Remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind) in both Han and Manchu language, and donated it to YSU. He hoped that YSUwould remain true to the original aspiration to cultivate talents,keepfirmly in mind the mission tomake key achievements. Besides, Niu expected YSU would realize the goal of becoming a “Double first-class” university and a “Domestic first-class and world-renowned research university with distinctive features”, and strive to make more contribution to the Chinese dream, a great rejuvenationof the Chinese nation.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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