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CAS academician Duan Guangren shares experience back at alma mater


[News from the News Center] At 8:30, Nov. 28, Guan Guangren, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and YSU alumni, gave a lecture at Room 109, Student Activity Center, East Campus, sharing his experience. YSU leadership including Zhao Xiaofeng, Zhao Dingxuan, Zhao Yongsheng, Wang Baocheng, Ren Jiadong, Chen Guoqiang, Yu Shujiang, and Zhang Lifeng attended the conference as well as many teachers and students. The conference was presided over by Zhang Xiangqian, Party Secretary of Liren College and Director of Centenary Celebrations Office.

The lecture (Photographed by Cai Changshan)

Zhao Xianfeng speaks at the conference. (Photographed by Liu Zihao)

Zhang Xiangqian presides over the conference. (Photographed by Liu Zihao)

Zhao Xianfeng, on behalf of YSU staff, welcomed Duan Guangrenand said that Duan Guangren is a well-known expert in the field of controlling engineering at home and abroad with deep insight and moral ethics, who has participated in a series of major national projects and cultivated a group of outstanding students. Duan went to visit his teachers in no time after he got off the train. As one of YSU’s outstanding alumni, he returned to his alma mater immediately he had been elected as CAS academician. Next year will witness the 100th anniversary since the establishment, and the 60th anniversary of independent running. We hope that all YSUers will work together to fully carry forward the spirit of hard work, craftsmanship, superior quality and national sentiment, in order to bring brightness to YSU and make greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the end, Zhao Xianfeng hoped that Duan Guangren would return to his alma mater in the future from time to time, recalling their memories and seeking common development.  

Student representative present a bouquet to DuanGuangren. (Photographed by Wang Yixin)

Duan Guangren gives lecture. (Photographed by Liu Zihao)  

Academician Duan Guangren graduated from Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute in 1983, majoring in Applied Mathematics and is now a professor at Harbin Institute of Technology. At the conference, Duan Guangren gave a speech entitled “Long Journey of Life, Deep Feelingfor Alma Mater”, sharing his experience of youth, undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral study, and life.  

At the very beginning, Duan Guangren said, “To me, the alma mater feels just like home, and the teachers are more like parents; therefore, I went back to my alma mater to see my teacher directly I arrived.”When talking about Zhao Yupeng, who was once the instructor of Duan’s graduation design, he was deeply moved because of Zhao’s guidance for solving problems and scientific research. Later, Duan shared his experience of learning English. He said: “At that time, Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute was among the very few universities that offered oral English classes in each grade by foreign teacher, which was really not easy due to the hardship in running school then. I came from rural areas andhad never studied English, so I was poor at the basics, and I couldn’t get into the oral class like others. How I envy them! What should I do? I prepared some sentences, practicing and memorizing them. When I saw the foreign teacher, I got up the courage to talk with him and say the words that I had memorized, hoping to get the chance to join in the class. This is how I get to learning English. Later with my own efforts, I even became a squad leader in the oral class.”  

Duan Guangren not only shared his growth gains, but also mentioned that life cannot rose all the way. He points out that difficult time actually helps you grow stronger. Then, Duan Guangren talked about his reflection of life. First, don’t compete with others unrealistically; just do yourself and work hard to be strong. Second, be broadminded and keep gain and loss away from mind. Third, hold a positive attitude towards life. Fourth, be strict to yourself and do not go with the stream aimlessly. At the end of his speech, Duan Guangren wished his alma mater a thriving and prosperous future, and wished YSUers peace and happiness.  

Duan Guangren gives out YSU centenary souvenirs to lucky audience. (Photographed by Wang Yapei)  

In the Q&A session, Duan Guangren put forward suggestions to the students’ questions. Later, Duan Guangren also selected lucky audience and gave out YSU centenary souvenirs to them.  

Zhao Dingxuan presents Guest Professor Certificate to DuanGuangren. (Photographed by Wang Yapei)

In order to congratulate Duan Guangren for his great achievements, the university decided to hire him as a guest professor at YSU, thanking him for the honor he won for his alma mater.  

Students and Duan Guangren (Photographed by Wang Yapei)  

After the conference, teachers and classmates surrounded Duan Guangren, hoping to take photos and exchange with him. Duan patiently met their requirements. Teachers and students expressed that the lecture was moving, rewarding, profound, and encouraging, and they benefited a lot. In the future, they will follow Duan Guangren’s lead and continue to scale new heights and strive for first-class!  

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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