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YSU holds 2020 New Year Concert



[News from the News Center]At 19:00 on December 27, YSU's 2020 New Year Concert was held at the Student Activity Center, East Campus. Zhao Xianfeng, Zhao Dingxuan, Xie Yanan, Huang Sheng, Zhao Yongsheng, Wang Baocheng, Chen Guoqiang, retired teachers, alumni, and more than a thousand teachers and students together enjoyed the concert and welcomed the arrival of the New Year.

Zhao Xianfeng speaks at the concert.

The concert in session

At the concert, on behalf of our university, Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, extended his New Year's greetings and best wishes to our teachers and students, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of YSU. Zhao Xianfeng summarized the outstanding achievements of our university and looked forward to the 100th anniversary of our university and the beautiful future unfolding in 2020.

Folk Music Ensemble “Celebration Prelude”

Female solo “Flying”

Male and female duet “A Fresh Flower”

Teacher and Student Chorus “Our New Era”

Guzheng Solo “The Story of Red Sorghum”

Pipa Ensemble “A Silk Thread Crossing the River”

Dulcimer “World Wondering”

Male and female duet “My affection is for you.

Violin solo “Chardash”

Piano Solo “Turkish March”

Erhu and Cello “Four Folk Songs in Hebei”

Female solo “Hong Yan”

Male Solo “Mom”

Accordion Solo “Song of the Herdsman”

Chorus “Our Chinese Dream”

Group photo of YSU leadership and all performers

The concert began with the Folk Music Ensemble “Celebration Prelude”. Yuan Shuai’s “Feitian” depicts the beautiful artistic image of Feitian’s beautiful dancing. Wu Di, Ning Yanpeng’s “Fresh Flower” tells a love story of a girl of Yi ethic group and a brave archery young boy A’hei. And the chorus performance “Our New Era” by Xu Ying, Zhang Chuyue, Li Junrui conveyed the eager desire of our country to rejuvenate the nation and the Chinese children looking forward to the prosperity of the country.  

The Pipa ensemble, “A Silk Thread Crossing the River” edited by Liu Dehai and played by Sun Jiayin, expresses the simple and beautiful love of a young man and woman. The dulcimer “World Wondering” played by Zhang Lina, shows the dynamic beats and free and beautiful melody. Li Chao, Qu Zhengyi’s male and female duet “My Affection is for You” shows the affection for the country and the people. Du Xiaowan’s solo “Chardash Dance” depicts a folk picture of Hungarian people in front of us. All the performance, to different extent, conveyed the ardent desire of the Chinese nation to move toward national rejuvenation and look forward to the country’s prosperity and the determination to forge ahead with the bright future of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Hosted by YSU Party Committee Publication Department and held by School of Arts and Design, the New Year concert has become a tradition of YSU since 2010. With various forms, it is rich in content and gets popularity among the masses of teachers and students. The 2020 New Year concert has gained support from YSU Party Committee Office, President Office, Student Affairs Office, Labor Union, YSU Committee of Communist Youth League, Security Office, and Logistics Group.  

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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