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Opening simulation and emergency drills at YSU


[News from the News Center] On the morning of April 23, YSU held the opening simulation and emergency drills at the entrance of Gate No.1. YSU leadership Zhao Xianfeng, Zhao Dingxuan, Xie Yanan, Huang Sheng, Li Rong, Zhao Yongsheng, Wang Baocheng, Ren Jiadong, Wang Desong, Chen Guoqiang, Yu Shujiang, Zhang Lifeng participated in the drill.

Yu Shujiang announces the start of the drill.

Students arrive at Gate No.1 by bus.

Returning students are waiting for the temperature check.

The counselor verifies student’s identity.


Disinfecting the temperature check area

Medical staff conducts epidemiological investigation on students who are running a fever.

ID card verification

Counselor reports the students who defer returning to school.

Checking Hebei Health Code

Students with abnormal health codes at temporary isolation points

Shujiang, YSU Vice President, kicked off the drill. The "students" and "parents" played by the counselors arrived by bus or self-driving to the designated stop and followed staff’s direction, queued up waiting for the ID verification. The strict prevention and control measures as required by our university, including testing temperature, verifying identities, and checking the health code, are implemented, and the responses to some emergencies such as fever, loss of ID card, yellow health code.

Zhao Xianfeng speaks after the drill.

After the simulation exercise and emergency drill, Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, spoke highly of the drill and all the preparation work. He also extended his heartfelt thanks to the faculty and staff for their united efforts. He put forward that the university should fulfill its responsibility for YSU students, and we have to keep our vigilance against the COVID-19 epidemic. According to the requirements of provincial government in terms of the epidemic containing work, the preparation work and the drills should be fully implemented in order to ensure returning students a safe environment. YSU staff, particularly the party members should take the lead and set the example for students. This would also contribute to our university's centenary celebration and the construction of “Double First-class”.

Temperature test for students before entering the dormitory

Temperature test in the dormitory

Disinfecting student dormitory

Temperature test before entering the dining hall

Students at dining hall with 1 meter social distancing

On the afternoon of April 24, our university also conducted daily management and drill for student emergency. During the course of the drill, the effective cooperation between various departments and the quick responses to different emergencies demonstrated the adequate preparation and our determination of creating a safe environment for YSU students.

Directors of relevant departments as well as the leadership of Liren College among others participated in the drill.

[Translated by Lv Bo]  

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