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YSU “Shine for the Country” May Fourth Symposium


[News from the News Center] On the morning of April 29, the “Shine for the Country” May Fourth Symposium was held at the lecture hall, Century Building, aiming at carrying forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and conducting in-depth study of General Secretary’s speeches and instructions on the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak. Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, and Zhao Dingxuan, YSU President, celebrated the 101st anniversary of the May Fourth Movement together with student representatives and delivered speeches. The symposium was presided over by Huang Sheng, YSU Deputy Party Secretary. Relative leaders and cadres at every level attended the symposium; besides, 8 student representatives shared their idea through online video.  

Xue Chuanjia, Secretary of the YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League, reported how students of our school participated in the voluntary service to epidemic prevention and control.YSU organizations of the Communist Youth League at all levels fully implemented the arrangements of the superior ones and YSU Party Committee, leading the members to play a role as the main force in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak. More than 800 volunteers participated in the services at their hometowns. 309 students actively responded to the call for working with medical staff. The “Foreign Language Emergency Volunteer Service Team” of 15 people was formed overnight, which was ready to support airports and customs at any time. All these actions were the inheritance and development of the May Fourth spirit.  

Student representatives vividly told their practice on the front line of. Huang Fujia, a junior student majoring in Materials Physics of the School of Materials Science, undertook the arduous task of delivering sample specimens of infected patients at Ditan Hospital, a designated hospital in Beijing. Ruan Qiqi, a sophomore student majoring in Electronic Information Engineering of the School of Information Science and Engineering(School of Software Engineering), composes a song admiring doctors and nurses on the front line in addition to volunteering for 8 hours a day. Zhang Hongbo, a sophomore student majoring in Sports Guidance and Management of the School of Physical Education, volunteered at his hometown, mobile cabin hospital, and national highway 301 in the past three months, whose deeds were reported on many media. Liu Yuen, a graduate student in English Translation of the School of Foreign Studies provided academic assistance and psychological guidance for the children of workers on the frontline.  

Liu Shide and Wang Yingbin, members of the third session of YSU Postgraduate Teaching-Assistance Group, reviewed their work and achievements of the past year. They greeted the centenary anniversary of YSU with practical actions. Chai Xujie, a junior student majoring in Radio and Television of the School of Humanities and Law and executive chairman of YSU Student Union, shared his ideas from what he saw and heard during the epidemic prevention and control. Han Bo, a graduate student pursuing his doctor degree in Mechatronic Engineering of the School of Mechanical Engineering, who received Esurfing Prize under Scholarship of China Telecom, shared his personal experience. He upholds the spirit of struggle and craftsmanship in his studies, and closely combines his personal ideals with the national scientific and technological cause by actively supporting national engineering projects, which demonstrates the young students’ original intention and mission.  

Zhao Xianfeng delivers a speech.

Zhao Dingxuan delivers a speech.

Huang Sheng presided over the symposium.

The symposium

(Photos above by Chu Yujing, the News Center)

Zhao Dingxuan sent greetings and best wishes to the youth in his message to the youth of YSU. He said that YSU has always put the lives and health of teachers and students in the first place, and is determined to fight and win this battle. Besides, YSU actively engaged in prevention and control, and has achieved outstanding results: up to now, no teacher or student has survived a confirmed or suspected case of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus. He also commended YSU’s youth for their outstanding performance in the epidemic prevention and control. First, the organizations of the Communist Youth League at all levels united the members to play the role as main force, actively participating in the epidemic prevention and control; second, YSU students forged ahead and showed patriotism with actual practice; third, YSU students cherished the time improving themselves while staying home.  

Zhao Xianfeng pointed out that, since the novel coronavirus outbreak, under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC, the whole country had worked together to mobilize resources for major undertakings, which demonstrated the strength of the socialist system. He was heartily gratified and contented with the 8 representatives for they spearheaded efforts despite difficulties, and he fully affirmed that more than 2,000 volunteers joined the service on the frontline of epidemic prevention and control volunteer and carried forward. Zhao Xianfeng also put forward four expectations and requirements for YSU youth in the new era to seize the day and strive with the genes of struggle, to practice the unity of knowledge and action with the spirit of craftsmanship, to explore for the truth with the pursuit of excellence, and to devote themselves with care for their family and country,  

In this spring unlike any other, YSU students, with their strength and actual practice, inherited YSU’s care for the country, and carried forward the spirit of the May Fourth and patriotism. In order to carry forth the May Fourth spirit and meet the challenges of our time, YSU youth in the new era are expected to cherish the time, keep pace with the times, and share weal and woe with the people. In addition, they are supposed to work hard to learn scientific knowledge, and shine in which they are most needed by the Party and the people with fine qualities and strong skill.  

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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