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AcademicReport: Techniques and Etiquettes of Broadcasting and Hosting




Title:Techniques and Etiquettes of Broadcasting and Hosting

Reporter:Hanshuo Zhang

Time:15:30, Apr. 20th (Thursday), 2017

Venue:Multi-media classroom 301, Third Teaching Building


Aboutthe Reporter: Hanshuo Zhang, host of Today News at Qinhuangdao TVStation, has won many honors, including: Top 10 Favorite Hosts of QinhuangdaoTV Station, Top 10 Hosts of the fourth and fifth Qinhuangdao “Five Top 10”, andBest Host of the first, the second and the third Qinhuangdao “Competition forExcellent Film and Television Shows”. What’s more, Zhang has hosted over 100events, including: the Closing Ceremony of the First Chinese Film andTelevision Industry Summit, Qinhuangdao Spring Festival Gala, Qinhuangdao Children’s Spring Festival Evening Party.


Toimprove the hosting techniques of YSU TV Station hosts, News Center invitedZhang from Qinhuangdao TV Station to train students in terms of professional broadcasting and hosting techniques.

All students are welcome!

Publicity Office ofParty Committee at YSU

YSU News Center



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