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Academic Report: Though Mustard Beans are Small, They are still Shinning — A Close Reading on Several Minor Roles in A Dream of Red Mansions



Topic: A Close Reading on Several Minor Characters in the classic novel---A Dream of Red Mansions

Time: 15:30-17:00, Jun. 1st, 2017

Venue: 416, Humanity Building, East Campus

Lecturer: Qing Hu

About the lecturer: Associate Researcher of A Dream of Red Mansions Research Institute of Chinese National Academy of Arts and Editor of a core journal A Dream of Red Mansions, Qing Hu has carried out her research in Redology, fiction theory, and translation of Chinese classics. She has published books including Character Criticism in the Comment of ‘A Dream of Red Mansions’ and Dark Candle, Bright Fragrance and Deep Painting Floor — A Study on Characters in ‘A Dream of Red Mansions’; and more than 30 papers, and participated in the revision of "Dictionary of Dream of Red Mansions". She also participated in the National Social Science Fund Project — "Protection of China's Linear Cultural Heritage and Visual Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Technology" and others.

   About the lecture: First of all, the lecture will briefly introduce a core Chinese literature journalA Dream of Red Mansions and its submission requirements; and then focus on the images of several minor characters in Dream of Red Mansions, including: Xiren (an obedient maid), Qing Wen (a sharp and sincere maid), Ping’er (a kind-hearted maid), Si Qi (a strong love guard), Granny Liu (an optimistic wise woman), Concubine Zhao(a lonely little snob crying at the corner), Xue Pan (a typical bully from a typical family), Jia Yun (a Jia surviving in dilemma).  

All teachers and students are welcome!

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                                                                                     May 25th, 2017  

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