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Academic Report: University Entrepreneurship & Innovation Education---Problems and Solutions




Time: 2:00 pm, Jun. 3rd (Saturday), 2017

Venue: J303, Liren College, West Campus

Lecturer: Hongwei Ding, Mingchao Zhang

About the lecturers:

Hongwei Ding, Chairman of One Venture (Beijing)Investment Management Co., Ltd.; founding CEO of Beiren One Venture Fund; occupational venture mentor with more than ten years of experiences in venture capital education, training and investment; has long been engaged in entrepreneurial projects, transformation of traditional enterprises, and consultancy for top-level guidance, training, investment and financing. Besides, he is also the judge of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition and China Internet + China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition; researcher of Tongju (by Tsinghua University) business model research center, a member of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China; partner of 101 Investors Club; expert of the training base of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China; a member of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expert Group of China Association for Science and Technology and Beijing Association for Science and Technology; expert of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expert Tank of the Ministry of Education; mentor of Entrepreneurial Guidance Center of Beijing Commission of Communist Youth League; Innovation & Entrepreneurship mentor of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area; judge and instructor for a number of national and Beijing entrepreneurship contests; innovation & entrepreneurship mentor in many colleges and universities of China; mentor of many domestic institutions and incubators.  

Mingchao Zhang: Business partner of Beijing Qichao Holding Co., Ltd.; Managing Director of Bei Jing Zhongxin Valley Education Technology Co. Ltd., and General Manager of Entrepreneurship & Employment Services Division of Beijing Fytech Co. Ltd., Project Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department of University Innovation Headquarters by the Ministry of Education and China Education Television, the judge of Chinese Internet + college students Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition; special lecturer of Open Education for Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship trainer; distinguished lecturer of the Digital Committee of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Peoples Republic of China. He has long engaged in the development and promotion of virtual reality and simulation teaching tools, training and guidance of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial park construction, project investment and financing services.

About the lecture: The lecture will give detailed interpretation of national policies and different types of Entrepreneurship contests; Entrepreneurship & Innovation education in colleges and universities and its hot spots, difficulties and solutions; good venture capital projects and 9 questions on entrepreneurship; the demands of entrepreneurs and the mission of teachers; and improvement of teachers of Entrepreneurship & Innovation education in colleges and universities.  

All teachers and students are welcome!

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