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Academic Report: Current Research and Development of Kailuan Coal Chemical Engineering Industry



Lecturer: Yatao Wang

Time: 11:00, Jun. 7th (Wednesday), 2017  

Venue: Lecture Hall, 18th Floor, the Century Building, East Campus.

About the Lecturer: Yatao Wang, professorate senior engineer with a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, is the Director of Coal Chemical R&D Center of Kailuan Group, and Manager of Tangshan Kailuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. He is also Kailuan leading innovative personnel on coal chemical engineering technology, Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team of Hebei Giant Program, Director of Hebei Research Center for Engineering Technology of Coal-based Materials and Chemicals, Director of Hebei Test Center for Application Technology of Alcohol Ether Fuel, and master thesis supervisor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and North China University of Science and Technology. He was also elected into the 2nd level of Hebei 333 Talent Project and Excellent Candidate of Hebei Intellectual Properties. He has been engaged in the research of chemical engineering materials and energy-environment since 2008. He also hosted or led over 30 research tasks (including provincial special projects for the commercialization of key research findings) in the fields of coal conversion, comprehensive utilization of energy in coal chemical engineering, pollutant treatment, clean alcohol ether fuel, fine chemical synthesis, separation of mixture of binary acids, development of industrial catalyst, and synthesis, processing and application of polymer materials. He is also an excellent young scientist of Hebei province and the national coal industry.  

About the Lecture: The lecture is divided into 5 parts: categories of coal chemical engineering, clean technology of coal chemical engineering, the industrial product line of Kailuan coal chemical engineering, the R&D, and achievements and applications.

All the teachers and students are welcome.

               School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering 

Jun 6th, 2017


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