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Academic Report: Construction and Application of Corpus



Topic: Construction and Application of Corpus

Time: 15:30-17:00, June 8th (Thursday), 2017

Venue: 416, Humanity Building, East Campus

About the Lecturer: Chaopeng Liu, works in the Department of English for Graduates, School of Foreign Studies, YSU. He studies corpus-based translation and teaching approaches. He hosted one Humanities and Social Sciences Project supported by the Ministry of Education, participated in two national social science projects and a number of provincial-ministerial projects. He has published 10 academic papers on Chinese Translators Journal and Contemporary Linguistics. He is pursuing his Doctorate in corpus-based translation studies in Language Education Research Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University

About the lecturer: The report will introduce the history and classification of corpus, basic steps and methods of corpus construction, and basic concepts and software on corpus-based language studies.

All the teachers and students are welcome!

School of Foreign Studies

                                                                                June 6th, 2017

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