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Academic Reports: Mechanical Engineering---New Technology




Lecturers:Nakano Masahiko, Xuewu Ji, Hongyu Hu, Shulong Feng, Feng Sun, Yunshun Zhang, Rencheng Zheng  

Date: 14:00-18:00, July 7th (Friday), 2017,

Venue: J3 Lecture Hall, Building of Machinery, East campus

Report 1

Topic: Human Oriented Vehicle Engineering for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Abstract: This lecture will introduce a series of human oriented vehicle engineering researches based on mechanics, detection, control, and signal processing technology for the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems at the Institute of Industrial Science in the University of Tokyo.

Lecturer: Nakano Masahiko is a Professor of the University of Tokyo, Editor of International Journal of ITS Research, and a member of Editorial Board of Journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering and Journal of the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers and Proceedings.

Report 2

Topic: Investigation on Game Theory of Shared Driving

Abstract: This lecture will introduce the breakthroughs in vehicle steering system, a long-term research at Tsinghua University; and the groundbreaking research on Game Theory of Shared Driving.

Lecturer: Xuewu Ji, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014, and China Automotive Industry Awards for Science and Technology in 2015. He is the Vice Director of Automotive Steering Technology Committee of Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering.

Report 3

Topic: Driving Behavior Analysis and Its Application in ADAS Development

Abstract: This lecture will introduce the research on driving behavior analysis and its application in ADAS Development by National Key Laboratory of Vehicle Simulation and Control of Jilin University.

Lecturer: Hongyu Hu is an Associate Professor of Jilin University. His major research directions are driving behavior analysis, intelligent network of vehicles, intelligent transportation systems. He hosted two projects sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China, and 10 projects by National Post-doctoral Special Funding and cooperative projects with enterprises.

Report 4

Topic: The Ultra-Precision Processing of Mechanical Principle Components and the Research of High-Precision 3D Equipment

Abstract: This lecture will introduce the design and manufacture of precision optical instruments, the design of precision mechanical system, and the ultra-precision grinding, precision measurement of the shaft parts, rails, screw, and high-precision 3D printing equipment.

Lecturer: Shulong Feng, Researcher of Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics in the Chinese Academy of Science, was in charge of the completion of a national key scientific research equipment development project "Large-scale High-precision Diffraction Grating Scoring System Development" which was named one of the four major breakthroughs in science and technology in China in 2016.  Now he is committed to manufacturing and application of high-precision 3D printing equipment and imaging equipment.

Report 5

Topic: Proposal of Energy-Recycle Type Active Suspension Using Magnetic Force

Abstract: This lecture, combining the application of mechanical engineering and the characteristics of magnetic levitation technology, will introduce a new research direction of multi - drive of mechanical system and its control technology, and propose the theory of active magnetic drive feeding suspension system.

Lecturer: Feng Sun is Deputy Director of Engineering Training Center and an excellent young teacher of Mechanical Engineering in Shenyang University. He hosted two projects sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China, and 4 provincial-ministerial level projects; and won 4 second prizes of provincial-ministerial level Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and two first prizes of Shengyang Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Report 6

Topic: Energy Harvesting in a Rotating Automobile Tire Enhancing Non-linear Vibration

Abstract: This lecture will introduce the analysis and simulation study of Non-linear Vibration Theory, the design of the micro-vibration power generation system and its application in automobile tires through experimental research.

Lecturer: Yunshun Zhang is an Associate Professor of Jiangsu University.

His research directions are non-linear vibration power generation of automobiles based on Vibration and Control Theory, new energy and energy-saving automotive technology, and intelligent network of automotive technology.

Report 7

Topic: Eye-gaze Tracking Analysis for Evaluation of Human-Machine Interface

Abstract of the Lecture: This lecture will introduce human-machine interaction caused by human-machine interface through the eye-gaze tracking analysis and the establishment of the statistical mathematical model.

Lecturer: Rencheng Zheng Graduated with a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from YSU on March 2006, and a Doctoral Degree from Kochi Engineering University in Japan in 2009. Since 2009, he has been a Postdoctoral Fellow, Teaching Assistant, and Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. His research projects cover autopilot, man-machine system dynamics, mechanical vibration and control. In June 2017, he began as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Industrial Science in the University of Tokyo.

All teachers and students are welcome!


School of Mechanical Engineering

July 3rd, 2017








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