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Academic Report: Human Support Robots



Time: 10:00-11:30, Sep. 8th (Friday), 2017

Venue: A104, Building of Electrical Engineering, West Campus

Topic: Human Support Robots

Lecturer: Shuoyu Wang, Kochi University of Technology, Japan


About the lecturer: Shuoyu Wang, obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Electrical Engineering Department, Shenyang College of Machinery and Electricity (now Shenyang University of Technology); Masters Degree from Electrical Engineering Department, Shenyang University of Technology; and Doctoral Degree from Electrical Engineering Department, Hokkaido University. He has been professor at Kochi University of Technology since 2002, and a member of Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ) since 2011. He is now a professor of Kochi University of Technology, a member of EAJ, Fellow and honorary member of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), a member of Japan Society of Life Support, senator of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics, and a member of the Overseas Expert Advisory Committee of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. He once served as Chairman of the Key Technology Review Board, the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), Editor-in-chief of memoir and proceedings of RSJ, and 14th Chairman of Japan Society of Biomedicine Fuzzy Informatics.

He has been working on fundamental research, exploitation and application of mechanism design, motion control, and intellectualization theory of human support robots. About 80 academic papers were published in past decade. He won some representative awards, including: SCIS-ISISBest Application Award in 2012; Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association, Best Paper Award, Virtual Reality Society of Japan, Best Paper Award in 2011; Technological Creation Award from JSME, IEEE ICMA Best Paper Award in 2010.

Abstract: His research standpoint will be introduced. Salubrity robot, rehabilitation robot and care robot, original research results in field of human support robot gained in Intelligent Robotics Laboratory under Kochi University of Technology, will be explained in the report. At last, key technology problems that needs solving for human support robots contribution to the society will be introduced. 

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

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