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Academic Report: Equipment Maintenance Strategy under Uncertain Conditions



Time: 4:00pm, Oct 13th (Friday), 2017

Venue: 417 Conference Room, Building of Science, West Campus

Lecturer: Kai Yao

Title: Equipment Maintenance Strategy under Uncertain Conditions

About the lecturer: Kai Yao, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Master Thesis Supervisor, now works at the School of Economics and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Mathematical Sciences from Nankai University in 2009, and his Ph.D. from Tsinghua University in 2013. He has been working for the School of Economics and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences since July 2013. His main research direction is uncertain differential equation and its application in finance, uncertain update process and its application in maintenance strategy. He has published 37 SCI papers. What’s more, he won the Best Paper Award of the Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society (APIEMS) and Jiaqing Zhong Operations Research Award. Now he is the Deputy Secretary General of the Uncertainty System Branch, Operations Research Society of China and the Deputy Chief Editor of Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making.

About the Report: Uncertainty Theory is a set of axiomatic mathematical systems used to deal with uncertainty. In the process of equipment maintenance, there is much uncertainty such as the life and the replacement cost of the gears. Therefore, Uncertainty Theory can be introduced to study the optimal maintenance strategy under uncertain conditions. This lecture will cover two common types of maintenance strategies: undetermined block update and uncertain age update. In addition, it will introduce the latest developments in the uncertain maintenance strategy and some research problems in the field.


All teachers and students are welcome!  

School  of Science

Oct. 10th, 2017

(Translated by Xueru Jiang)

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