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Academic Report: Preservation, Restoration and Utilization of Classic Chinese Films




Time: 15:30, Nov. 25th (Saturday), 2017

Venue: 217, Building of Humanity, East Campus

Topic: Preservation, Restoration and Utilization of Classic Chinese Films

Lecturer: Peixue Song, Senior Editor


About the Lecturer: Peixue Song is the Party Secretary of China Film Archive (China Film Art Research Center), Director and a senior editor of China Association of Newspapers and Journals in Radio, Film and Television (CANJRFT). Song served as editor, editorial director, Director-General of Office of Editor in Chief, Vice President and Deputy Editor in Chief at China Radio Film & TV Press successively. Engaged in the news and publishing management of radio and film for a long time, he has written more than 30 theory and business articles, and he wrote, translated and edited more than 10 books, totaling over 5 million words. The book “A Brief History of Radio and Television in the People’s Republic of China” won the 5th Annual National Radio and Television Academic Works Special Award; “General Theory of a TV Host” won the First Prize in Chinese Academy of Film and Television Research; “China Central Television Yearbook (2010)” won the 5th National Yearbook Proofreading and Quality Examination Special Award; “Eight Categories of China Radio, Television, Literary and Art” won “100 Important Books at the 60th Anniversary of Founding of New China” by Publicity Department of the CPC and General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC

About the Lecture: With a history of 112 years, Chinese film has created countless well-known, familiar classics, such as “Laborer’s Love”, “Struggle”, “Goddess” “The River Flows to the East” “Spring in a Small Town” and so on, which has influenced, inspired, and educated Chinese generations. This lecture will answer following questions: how to protect and inherit classic Chinese film and make it leave a good name forever; how to restore the classic Chinese film and make it reach 2K, 4K standard; how to develop and utilize classic Chinese film and make it refashion.

All teachers and students are welcome!

School of Humanities and Law (School of Public Administration)

YSU Social Science Office

Nov. 21st, 2017

(Translated by Tong Xing)

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