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Academic Report: Application Research of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology





Time: 15:00, Nov. 27th (Monday), 2017

Venue: Lecture Hall, 18th Floor, the Century Building, East Campus

Topic: Application Research of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Lecturer: Prof. Shetian Liu


About the Lecturer:

Dr. Shetian Liu is an expert of "Thousand Talents Program" of Organization Department, the CPC Central Committee. He has been engaged in heterogeneous catalysis and catalytic materials chemistry for more than 20 years and has rich research experience in energy, chemical industry and environment. His research covers the basic theories of catalytic application technology innovation and industrial application technology development, including efficient conversion of natural gas, utilization of hydrogen energy and biomass, petroleum refining catalytic process, automobile tail gas treatment, solid waste utilization, coal chemical industry and other related technologies in the research and development of new catalytic process and material. Liu has presided over and participated in a number of R&D work of commercial projects and basic research. So far, he has applied for 12 patents in Japan and the United States, and has published 50 papers which were cited more than 1500 times. The current work mainly includes the development and industrialization of hydrogen energy technology, the catalytic technology and process development of environmental pollutant emission control (tail gas De-NOx, VOC elimination, high-COD wastewater treatment and industrial waste recycling, etc.), catalytic conversion and process energy coupling of low-carbon alkanes and the utilization of biomass energy resources.

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(Translated by Xueru Jiang)

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