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Academic Report: Radio Monitoring and Hot Issues






Time: 15:00, Dec. 13th (Wednesday), 2017

Venue: 401 Lecture Hall, Building of Information, East Campus

Topic: Radio Monitoring and Hot Issues

Lecturer: Guanghong Xia

About the Lecturer: Guanghong Xia is now the Assistant Station-master of Hebei Radio Monitoring Station, a senior engineer, a well-known expert in China radio management, and a member of Hebei Three Levels Talents Program. Xia has won 2 Third Prizes for Hebei Scientific & Technological Progress and published many professional papers. He obtained Bachelor of engineering degree in Electronic Engineering at Hebei University of Technology and Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering at Xidian University. Xia has been engaged in the radio monitoring work for a long time and his research field contains radio monitoring, electromagnetic compatibility analysis among systems, radio equipment detection, radio security assurance during important activities and radio emergency response.


About the Lecture: Radio spectrum is a kind of scarce, limited and important strategic resource, which is also a kind of economic resource that can be used extensively to create great economic value. How to make the limited spectrum resources produce the most economic and social benefits through effective management means is the urgent problem we are facing. Radio monitoring, as a technical means of spectrum resource management, plays an important role in work scope, work flow and work criterion. This report will take the management of spectrum resource as the cut-in point to introduce the technical features of the radio monitoring in terms of the content, facilities and requirements, and to explain the hot issues of the current radio monitoring, such as the automation and intelligence of monitoring work, and the assurance during important activities. Meanwhile, the report will put forward some suggestions on the employment and development trend of spectrum resource management. 


All teachers and students are welcome!

(Translated by Zhengjie Li)

School of Information Science and Engineering

Dec. 11th, 2017

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