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Academic Report: 《 Improving Your Chances of Publication in International Peer-reviewed Journals》



Topic: Improving Your Chances of Publication in International Peer-reviewed Journals

Time: 14:00-16:00, Apr 12th (Thursday), 2018

Venue: 108, Building No.2, West Campus

Lecturer: Professor Mingfang Lu, PhD, General Manager – China, Enago| Crimson Interactive

About the Lecturer: Professor Dr Mingfang Lu, General Manager - China, Enago

A distinguished publishing expert, ex-Editor-in-Chief, and physicist, Dr. Mingfang Lu has a diverse academic profile and has driven several initiatives in the academic publishing industry in China. He worked with IOP Publishing for over 15 years, where heworked in collaboration with organizations such as NSFC, MOST, CAST, CAS, aswell as with top researchers at institutes like IOPOFCAS, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.

Dr Mingfang Lu obtained hisPhD from Tsinghua University in 1995, followed by postdoctoral research at the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPOFCAS, 1995–1997); the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel (1999–2000); and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Kiruna (April 2000–December 2001).

He has also worked as guest professor for a short term at Nihon University on neutron emission research andeven chaired a Sino-Polish science exchange program on dense plasma focusphysics. He has published more than 30 research papers in prestigious journals such as Physical Review E,Journal of Physics D,Review of Scientific Instruments, and IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science.

About the Lecture: Innovativeand impactful studies conducted by researchers should bepublished in reputableinternational peer-reviewed journals to ensure that they are disseminated inthe international community. This session targets researchers who wish tosubmit their papers to top-notch international journals and want to increasetheir awareness of the latest developments in academic publishing.

STEM publishing has beenundergoing constant evolution because of the rapid growth and fast progress ofscientific and interdisciplinary research as well as new technologies beingimplemented in the publishing industry; however, researchers remain unaware ofthese changes. Numerous papers get rejected during the submission stage byjournal editors without actually being seen by a peer in the field.

In this session, we focus onsome key recent developments in academic publishing; tips on how to prepare andsubmit your papers; how to deal with editors and referees; the challengesrelated to research and publication ethics; and the latest developments in openaccess (OA) publishing along with the relevant funding mandates. We will alsoshare some insights about how researchers can approach Enago to improve theirchances of publication.

We hope this talk will helpresearchers understand STEM publishing better and improve changes of papersgetting accepted by top-tier international journals.

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