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Academic Report “Theoretical Study of Topological Superconductor Devices”



Lectures on “Mathematics, Time and Space Academic Forum lecture II

Topic: Theoretical Study of Topological Superconductor Devices

Time: 16:00, May 18 (Friday), 2018

Venue: Meeting Room 404, Building of School of Science, West campus

Lecturer: Song Juntao

Lecturer introduction: Song Juntao, a professor supervising postgraduate students, graduated from Hebei Normal University in 2003, and gained his PhD in Physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009. From 2012 to 2014, he was doing research as a visiting scholar at the University of Yeshiva and Princeton University in the United States. In recent years, he has more than 30 SCI index papers published, including two Phys. Rev.Lett. and 14 Phys. Rev. B. The main research interests are spintronics, graphene, and quantum transport theory for mesoscopic nanosystems, as well as the research on theoretical research on the topological effects and topological phase transitions of the condensed matter system. He has successively presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Youth Project, the Outstanding Youth Fund of Hebei Province, and the New Teacher Fund of the Doctoral Program of the Ministry of Education. He was awarded the top talent of Hebei Province and the honorary title of Hebei Province Three Levels Talent Project”.

Lecture introduction: The search for the Majorana Fermion in topological superconductor, also calledangel particle, constitutes one of the most important and hot issues in recent condensed matter physics. Probably, the first important thing is to understand the transport properties of topological superconductor device. In this talk, I firstly introduce the Hamiltonian of topological superconductor, and then give how to obtain the transport formula by non-equilibrium Greens function. Furthermore, I review many works completed in recent years. Through this talk, I try to reveal how to understand the experimental results and predict some intriguing phenomena in topological superconductor by using the most simple physical models.

All are welcome!

School of Science

May 15, 2108

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