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Academic Report "Privacy Culture in Intercultural Communication"



Topic: Privacy Culture in Intercultural Communication

Time: At 14:00-15:30, June 14 (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Room 416, Building of School of Humanities and Laws, East Campus

Lecturer: Prof. Zhang Weidong

Lecturer introduction: Zhang, Weidong, professor of the School of Foreign Studies and Director of YSU Intercultural Institute. His main research area is cross-cultural communication.

Lecture introduction: Privacy is a human beings’ survival feature. Due to historical reasons, different cultures have formed different privacy and have a greater impact on effective and appropriate cross-cultural communication. The lecture reviewed the different views, performances and characteristics of Chinese and Western privacy and analyzed the cultural causes of these differences, and finally proposed measures to objectively understand and correctly handle privacy culture in cross-cultural communication.

All are welcome!

School of Foreign Studies

June 5, 2018


(Translated by Lv Bo)

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