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Academic Report: Field Investigation and Demonstration of Intangible Cultural Heritage


Topic: Field Investigation and Demonstration of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Time: At 15:00, June 7 (Thursday), 2018

Venue: Room B104, Musical Auditorium, West Campus

Lecturer: Wei Liqun

Lecturer introduction: Prof. Wei Liqun, member of the National Committee of Experts on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Deputy Director of the Folk Arts and Crafts Committee of the Chinese Society of Arts and Crafts, Director of the Shadow Art Committee of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, and Deputy Director of Hebei Expert Committee of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection. He is engaged in Chinese painting teaching and folk art research. He has published research monographs and academic papers over a hundred, including monographs on "History of Shadow Art in China" and "Collection of Chinese Shadow Plays" (10 volume 10, 24 books), "Shadow Journey" and "Folk Shadows", insomuch as these contributions he has a great influence in the field. He once went to the National Museum, China National Museum of Art, National Heritage Information Center, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Chengdu Museum, Dalian Museum and other units to do shadow identification work.

He has participated in the evaluation of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. He was invited to write the application of "China Shadow Play declares the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Application". He was granted the "Eminent Individuals for Advanced National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Work" by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Culture. His monograph won the National Book Award, the Chinese Government Publication Award and the Chinese Excellent Publication Book Award respectively.

Outline of the lecture:

I. Touching the Pulse of the Times in Fieldwork;

2. Tracing the historical context in the literature of classics;

3. Researching cultural legacy in the history.

(Translated by Liu Ruo)

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