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Legal Forum: "Discussion on WTO Dispute Settlement from Sino-US Trade War


Topic: Discussion on WTO Dispute Settlement from Sino-US Trade War

Time: 15:30-17:30, June 9 (Saturday), 2018.

Venue: Room 217, Renwenguan, East Campus

Lecturer: Prof. Huang Dongdong

Lecture outline:


1.   WTO rules;


2.   Theprotection measures under the WTO Agreement;


3.   TheUnited States 301 investigation and 232 investigation;


3.1. 301 investigationand measures;


3.2.Investigation and measures.


4.  China'scountermeasures


4.1 Chinesesafeguards regulations;


4.2 China’srights under the WTO;


5. Forward-looking and thinking on Sino-US trade war;


5.1 Multilateralismand unilateralism;


5.2 Rules for power;


5.3 Peace and War.


Lecturer profile:

Dr. Huang Dongdong, a part-time professor of YSU, Wuhan University, and Qingdao University, a lecturer, poet and lawyer. Dr. Huang had studied at Wuhan University, York University, and University of Ottawa and obtained his PhD degree. Dr. Huang’s major research areas include the comparison of constitutions, international Law of the sea, international business law. Dr. Huang worked for several listed companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has valuable experience in overseas listing, private equity financing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, investment consulting and project management. Dr. Huang has practiced Canadian lawyers for 24 years, representing many international listed companies in China. Dr. Huang was recognized as international legal expert in Canada.

The lecture will focus on the subject of the rule of law, discuss legal cases, interpret legal principles, and demonstrate laws from a unique perspective.

All are welcome!

School of Humanities and Laws

June 6, 2018.

(Translated by Ni Rongzi)

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