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Academic Report: Research Methods of Political Economy and Internationalization of Chinese Social Science



Lecture: Research Methods of Political Economy and Internationalization of Chinese Social Science

Speaker: Prof. Song Xinning

Venue: Room 308, Teaching Building No.4, East Campus  

Date:  Wednesday, September 5, 2018  

Time:  10:30  

Lecture Content:

I. The position of political economics in world social science research;

2. The application of political economics method in social science research

(1) Political economics method and political science and economics research

(2) Research on political economics and international politics and international relations

(3) Examples of political economics research: Regional integration and European issues

3. The internationalization of Chinese social science: A Case study of political economy in China

(1) New goals of globalization and new developmental space: Chinese social sciences must go abroad

(2) Why and where to go?

(3) The approach and strategy of going abroad: to publish, speak and teach

4. Some ideas on the application of research methods and the internationalization of social science

(1) Research methods: Combining quantitative and qualitative research methods

(2) Research topics: Looking for research topics from the practice

(3) Communication skills: Discourse right from publication

Speaker Introduction

Song Xinning (1954~), Ph.D. in Political Science, is a Distinguished Professor of Renmin University of China, Distinguished Professor; and Jean Monet, tenure professor for the European Commission. He is also a Chinese Dean of the China Institute for European Studies in Brussels (2014~); Belgian Dutch-speaking Brussels The Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute at the Free University (2016~), a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of the Free University, and a visiting professor at the Department of Politics. He is a Vice President of the European Society of China, Vice President of the China European Political Research Association. Editors of seven English academic journals in Europe (International Research Review, Pacific Review, Conflict and Cooperation, Global Society, European Integration Magazine, Observer, Brussels International Relations Journal) Or a member of the International Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor of the University of Durham, UK, and Emeritus Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Prof. Song received his B.A. (1978-1982), M.A. (1982-1985), and PhD from Renmin University of China (1995-2000). Formerly worked as: Deputy Director of International Politics, Renmin University of China (1988-2000), Associate Dean of School of International Studies, Renmin University of China (2000-2005), Center for European Studies, Renmin University of China (Key Laboratory of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education) Director (1994-2007), Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University Comparative Regional Integration Institute (full-time) (2007-2010). Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Politics (1991-1992), Fulbright Visiting Professor, University of California, San Diego.

Main research areas: international relations theory, international political economy, comparative regional integration, European issues research. He has published more than 20 books (writing, editing, and translating) and published more than 150 papers, including 45 English papers.

Major research achievements in recent years: 40 years of China-EU relations: a new type of strategic partnership (2017), China and the EU: mutual benefit and win-win strategy partners (2016), Introduction to International Political Economy (Second Edition, 2015), China and the European Union in the Post-Crisis Era (2014); China and the EU: A New Track (English, 2013).

All are welcome.

School of Humanities and Law

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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