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Academic Report: Molecular Identification Extraction and Separation of Homologues and Applications



Lecture: Molecular Identification Extraction and Separation of Homologues and Applications

Speaker: Ren Qilong

Venue: Lecture Room on the 18th floor, Century Building, East Campus  

Date:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018  

Time:  10:30  

Lecture Content:

Separating homologues are more challenging due to their similar molecular structure and physicochemical properties. Conventional methods such as chromatographic separation techniques have disadvantages such as slow diffusion rate, small separation capacity, high solvent consumption and high energy consumption for recovery. Liquid-liquid extraction has the advantages of large separation capacity, continuous process, simple equipment, etc. However, the liquid-liquid two-phase extraction system composed of molecular solvents often lacks synergistic effects between molecules, and the separation selectivity is not satisfactory, and it is difficult to realize structural similarities. Highly selective separation, therefore, breaking the limitations of molecular solvents and constructing an extraction medium with molecular recognition ability is the key to achieving high-capacity and high-selective extraction and separation of homologues. Efficient separation demonstrates the enormous potential of molecular identification, extraction, and separation technology for homolog separation.

Speaker Introduction

Ren Qilong is a special professor of Zhejiang University. He is currently the Director of the MoE Key Laboratory of Biomass Chemicals, a member of the Disciplinary Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the Executive Director of the China Chemical Industry Society, the chairman of the Supercritical Fluid Technology Professional Committee, the Deputy Director of the Process Intensification Professional Committee, and the Chairman of the Zhejiang Chemical Industry Association. He has been engaged in basic research and engineering practice in the field of fine separation of complex systems for a long time, and has undertaken national key R&D projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation. He was awarded the second prize of the National Technology Invention and the first prize of the Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. He has published more than 180 papers in SCI/EI and authorized 85 invention patents.
Research interests: chemical separation, natural products, plasma technology.

School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering

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[Translated by Lv Bo]

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