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Academic Report: The Historical Changes of the Silk Road and Contemporary Enlightenment



Lecture: The Historical Changes of the Silk Road and Contemporary Enlightenment

Speaker: Prof. Shi Yuntao

Venue: Room 416, Building of Humanities, East Campus  

Date:  Thursday, September 20, 2018  

Time:   7:00-8:30  

Lecture Content

Generally, the Silk Road refers to the ancient traffic road that starts from the Weishui area, extends to the mainland of China, and runs through the Eurasia continent. This road stretches thousands of miles. It has been the main road of Chinese and Western traffic for more than two thousand years. It is not only a trade route, but also a road for cultural exchanges in the ancient world. It has played a huge role in promoting economic and cultural exchanges between China and the West. It mainly includes the Desert Oasis Road, the Maritime Silk Road, the Prairie Silk Road and the Southern Silk Road. The Han and Tang Dynasties was the critical period of the development of Silk Road. The Silk Road and cultural exchanges have greatly promoted the progress of human civilization. The lecture reviewed the historical changes of the Silk Road and integrated the development reality of the Belt and Road in China in order to explore its enlightening implications.

Speaker Introduction

Shi Yuntao is a professor at the Chinese Language Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University, a doctoral supervisor, a member of the Chinese Tang History Society, a member of the Society of Chinese and Foreign Relations History, a member of the China Overseas Transportation History Research Association, and a member of the Silk Road Professional Committee of the Dunhuang Turpan Society of China. He is also the emeritus professor of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Chinese recommended tutor for the Confucius New Sinology Program, and the doctoral supervisor of the International Joint Graduate School of Beijing Foreign Studies University and the University of Nottingham. He has undertaken and completed many provincial and ministerial level and NSSFC projects. He has published more than ten monographs. His major works include: Study on the System of the Shogunate in the Tang Dynasty, Analysis of the literature of Jian'an Tang and Song Dynasties, An Early History of Chinese and Western Transportation and Communication, An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Culture (editor), The Changes of Silk Road of the Third to Sixth Century, Exploration of the History of the Middle Ancient Literature among other works.

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[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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