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Academic Report: The Status, Development and Trends of New Energy Photovoltaic Technology



Lecture: The Status, Development and Trends of New Energy Photovoltaic Technology

Speaker: Dr. Liang Jianjun  

Venue:  Room 404, Teaching Building of School of Physics, West Campus  

Date:   Wednesday, September 26, 2018  

Time:   16:00  

Speaker Introduction:

Liang Jianjun, Ph.D. in Physics, is an expert in the field of new energy photovoltaic solar cell material and device. He has about 20 years of academic and industrial technology research and development industrialization experience. Since 2006, he has worked in the photovoltaic solar company in Silicon Valley, California. He has served as a core R&D staff. He is currently a core customer technologist with high-efficiency solar cells based on crystalline silicon materials, thin film amorphous silicon, ultra-thin crystalline silicon materials and applications. There are many years of technology and process accumulation in technology research and development, pilot and mass production, and accumulated rich experience in high-efficiency silicon-based battery technology and related key production equipment. Dr. Qi has published one monograph, 10 patents in the US and 2 in China. As a core key technology expert, he led the company to obtain $10 million in venture capital investment and participated in a number of US government research and industrialization of photovoltaic solar projects.

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