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Academic Report: Basic Fundamentals of Industrial Design Computer Programming



Lecture: Basic Fundamentals of Industrial Design Computer Programming

Speaker: Prof. Liu Xiaojian

Venue: Room A101, Art Gallery, West Campus  

Date:  Sunday, October 28, 2018  

Time:  9:00-11:30  

Speaker Introduction

Dr.Liu Xiaojian is a professor of Industrial Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees from China University of Mining and Technology, and PhD degree from Northwestern Polytechnical University. He is also a Postdoctoral Fellow of Zhejiang University, Visiting Scholar of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) School of Design. He was selected in the third batch of the “New Century 151 Talent Project” in Zhejiang Province. He is the Technical Minister of Zhejiang Industrial Design Technology Innovation Service Platform, and the Director of the Basic Research Department of Hangzhou Industrial Design Innovation Service Platform. His main research interests are design theory and design technology. His research interests include products, software, planes, ancient Chinese architecture, and intangible cultural heritage. He has presided over 2 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 National Torch Plan, 1 National Cultural Relics Bureau project, and several provincial-level projects. He also published a monograph and several academic papers.

Lecture Content

The breakdown of product categories and design processes has spawned the diverse needs of software applications, which has placed demands on the development of common software functions. This lecture elaborates the development techniques (ie secondary development) based on a common design software platform. The goal is to develop programming skills for design students, to customize functions through development of plug-ins, and to perform advanced tasks on design software. The lectures include: 1) programming basis; 2) introduction to secondary development; 3) development process for typical tasks; 4) development case analysis; 5) development training. The lecture is taught by the graphic design software CorelDraw, supplemented by the analysis and study provided by the classic case, which will equip students with the basic technology of secondary development.

All are welcome.

School of Arts and Design  

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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